Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cinelli Memorabilia

The Cinelli archives are full of Cinelli innovations that cycling has forgotten about. Most of this stuff has probably been forgotten for a reason.

2000. Integralter
"Integrated handlebar which increases the grip zone for the hands, more rigid and lighter overall."

1998. Sesamo
"The first full-opening stem in history. We had fun changing colours and giving it Titanium bolts."

1999. Alter
"Alter, other, alien. Cnc, with reticular complex structure, colourful or mono."

1985. Rampichino
"The first Italian mountain bike. Rampichino is the name of a small birds which “climbs” (in Italian ar-rampica) the branches of the trees. The name Rampichino becomes a neologism in the Italian language, synonymous of mountain bike for a long time. Gary Fisher was the first distributor of Italian MTB in the US and we organised the first MTB competition in Italy too."
(not sure if this looks better or worse than this Colnago MTB)

1989. Passatore
"Talking about hybric bikes today is no novelty. However in 1989, when we presented Passatore many wondered if Cinelli had gone crazy. Racing handlebar, MTB frame with slope geometry, 28” wheels, light tyres, 21 gears with levers on the handlebar: road bike or MTB?"

1996. Spinaci
"Everything and more has been said about these short extensions for handlebars. From their introduction on the Chiappucci bicycle to the Giro in 1994, more than 800000 pcs were sold."

1971. M71 pedal
"The first quick release pedal in history was patented by Cino Cinelli"

1995. Quo Vadis?
"The trekking bike which didn’t exist. Here’s another Cinelli vision, precursor of a trend which is still topical."

1999. Grippo
"The first vibra-absorb for handlebars."
(Yeah right, more like the first hold fast knockoff)

2001. CNC lug for Starship frame
"An authentic innovation which distinguishes Cinelli"
("Shit! What are we gonna do with all these extra stems?" "I don't know, lets try and make lugs out of them.")

1986. Aerolite
The rigid areodynamic helmet, a poli-carbon cap with a drop shape which became a characteristic of many modern helmets. From Hinault to Umaras, a must.

Anni 80. Danish helmet
The multi-colour stripe, today still sought after by many Cinelli collectors. It was the favourite of (almost) all professionists.

1993. Grammo and the Titamium box-type
The Grammo stem represents the best union between technology and design. A box-type stem in Titanium alloy, welded in pressure chamber with an unique design. A new family is born: for family, triathlon, ahead.
(check out that sick colored one on eBay)

1980. Laser
"With the name Laser we’ve opened a road of numerous technical solutions which are now public property. We recall the first TIG welding on bicycle frames (1979), the first Chromium Molybdenum steel BB shell, thin as paper, the first frames with advanced BB (1982), the first monocoque in composite material (1984), the first road full suspended (1985). In 1991 it wins the Compasso d’Oro, 28 gold medals at the Olympics and Worldchampionships. Laser is exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago."
(We've written about these before.)


haterNation said...

Those spinaci handlebar attachments went down in flames, Up until they stopped making them Cinelli continued to lobby the UCI to have them be legal. I think they even have a article on their website bashing the UCI and advocating the spinaci's

daileydarko said...

love that cinelli hold fast knock off... XD

Erik Saunders said...

they did used to have an area of the site devoted to legalizing spinaci... it was pretty funny too actually...