Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More! Local Cycling Related New Stories

Concern that Boulder-donated bikes ended up in Africa prompts new deal

Summary: Boulder Police were concerned that Community Cycles was sending bikes that the Police impound had donated off to Africa so they halted donations. Community Cycles response was to take the "Bikes to Africa" page off their website, release a statement saying they don't send them out anymore and are working on a formal deal to re-start the flow of donated bikes.

CU-Boulder Police watching the wrong stop sign

Summary: Boulder Police are ticketing cyclists who blow the stop sign at Colorado & Libby Drive, when really they should be ticketing drivers who don't use their turn signal at the roundabout and people blowing the stop sign out of Libby drive.

and one of the best local news stories evar:
Longmont cyclist sues dog owner whose pet ran into his wheel

Summary: A dog ran into a guys bike and caused him some serious injuries and grief. The dog was is King Charles Spaniel, a breed known to chase moving things. The article suggests the dog is still alive so I doubt it could have cause too much trouble. Well, just as fast as that dog chased his bike, a lawyer chased Mr. Abbhul's ambulance and he is now suing the dog owner for negligence (not having an effective latch on the gate). I don't know who to side with here; I don't particularly like small dogs or crashing my bike, but something tells me that the "latch" defense isn't going to win this one.
I hope Mr. Abbhul gets well and back on his bike again soon, I hope that the dog's owner will install a functioning latch on her gate, and I hope that nobody gets too embarrassed in the shitshow that will surely surround this ridiculous lawsuit.

Don't take this story too lightly. A bike-dog collision took Marcus Burghardt out of the 2007 Tour de France. But Sandy Casar hit a dog later in the same Tour and went on the win the stage.

Also, since all of these are Daily Camera articles involving bikes, there are hundred of ridiculous comments.
Be sure to read them and laugh, but be sure NEVER post one unless you want to be accused of being a hippy/nazi/elitist/ignorant/homophobic/dog loving/dog hating/asshole biker/Republican NRA member.

EDIT: Just spotted an interesting device designed to keep dogs from chasing bikes at Dave Moulton's Bike Blog.

Friday, March 26, 2010

2 Years OnTheSpot - PARTY

xRockstheSpot is having the 2year on the spot party April 3rd. We all went last year and it was a blast, so tell your friends and we'll see you there !

Hey all you polo fans

Hardcourt bike polo is coming to Boulder.

The first meetup is on April 11 2010 2pm at Foothills Community Park at the Roller Hockey Rinks

hardcourt bike polo is coming to boulder, co. on 4/11/10, we are organizing folks to come up from denver (Denver Mallet Mafia) and perhaps a few people from colorado springs (Peak Region Polo) to give boulder a taste of what hardcourt bicycle polo is all about. we will provide mallets and objects to strike so just bring a bike that you won’t be losing sleep over should a stray mallet/ball/foot try and occupy the same bit of space-time.
see you on the courts!


I want to go check this out but I'll be racing Boulder-Roubaix on the 11th. I'll have to wait for the next meetup.

Hope this gets going, and if you're worried about ruining your nice bike, just pick up a new "fixed speed" at Walmart for $150 beforehand.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cycling Related/Inspired Clothing/Shoes

Supercorsa Vans

Kind of looking forward to these guys. These shoes are loosely inspired by the design of old cycling shoes, low profile, narrow laces etc but with a rubber sole instead of a hard leather/plastic one. The colors of the shoes correspond to the colors of the classification jerseys in the Giro D'Italia. Unfortunately for fans of the Giro, which starts on May 8th this year, these don't come out until July and besides the design inspiration, nothing about these makes them particularly suitable for cycling.

Futura x Descente Packable Jacket

These are FUTURA branded Descente cycling jackets that pack into a small pouch. I thought this was worth mention because Descente is based out of Boulder (though theres no factory store where you can get these) and because we've seen FUTURA collaborate with the bike industry before; the one that sticks out most in my mind is the FUTURA x Colnago Master.

But with a $400 pricetag, I don't think I'll be picking up a new Descente jacket any time soon.

Sneakers and Jacket via Hypebeast

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cycling in the Media Lately

Story #1: Boulder transportation official: Cyclists should have to dismount at crosswalks

Summary: If you live in Boulder, you probably know that you can cross a street in a crosswalk as long as you are going the pace of a pedestrian. Recently, Boulder Transportation Officials have been discussing changing the "bicycle in crosswalks" law to make cyclists dismount their bikes at a crosswalk. Some people think this is a good thing, some think this is a bad thing. The Daily Camera Online already has about 250 comments on the subject so be sure to read the full story and throw in your opinion if you feel like it.

My thoughts: Probably a good thing, at least in some parts of town. 16th and Broadway is a shitshow of pedestrians, RTD buses, cars, longboarders, and cyclists from 3-6 every day and maybe making everyone dismount their bike would clear up some of the pandemonium.
Also, as far as the pedestrian crossings along Broadway and along Canyon, making someone walk across them rather than letting them ride could prevent more inattentive drivers from hitting people and/or other drivers. I know at least one person who has inadvertently caused an accident by biking across a pedestrian crossing on Broadway.

BUTTTTTTTTTT If the city is going to wage war on cyclists they must also wage war on the real menace, longboarders.

Story #2: Tony Kornheiser vs. Lance Amstrong

Yesterday some nobody-sportscaster made comments on his radio show encouraging motorists to run cyclists of the road. You can listen to audio of his show on this YouTube video. Its basically a conversation between a few bike hating idiots talking nonsense about the cars superiority over the bike. Well, lucky for us cyclists, celebrity Lance Armstrong used his massive twitter following to turn millions of cyclists against this guy.

Lance went on this guys show and made him apologize etc and the world is all better now.
That YouTube video also has hundreds of comments so if you feel angry or whatever about the situation go share your thoughts with the YouTube masses.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baphomet Cycles

My good friend/Surly Sponsored BAMF/Broke Ass Messenger Bama just started a clothing company, Baphomet Cycles.

Baphomet Cycles is making affordable riding gear that can take the abuse that messengers dish out -- "industrial grade cycling apparel for mopes like you."
I know several messengers around town are testing the gear out and its holding up fine to fully loaded shoulder bags, crashes in icy weather, run ins with cars and dodging aerosol wielding homeless guys.

Baphomet is more workwear than high fashion, heres some pictures of the first batch of products.

The Hellmet Hoodie

The Hellmet hoodie is perfect for cold weather riding (like we do in Colorado). Thick material keeps you warm and Velcro on the hood keeps the hood stuck to your helmet. Shoulder reinforcement pad available on request.

Pantagram and Pantagram+

Pantagram knickers feature a pen/marker pocket, are short enough to keep your chain off your leg, are long enough to keep your knees warm, and are super tough.
Also, they are approximately 1/10 the cost of Chrome Knicks.

For 10 extra dollars you get the Pantagram+, which are the same as the Pantagram but are lined with fleece to keep you comfy on cold days.

Action Shots

All photos by Keegan Rowley & Josh McGuckin

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Carbon Fiber Craziness

A Cinetica frame popped up on eBay

Hello. Here is one of the rarest racing frames ever produced. The Cinetica "Giotto". This is a true carbon fiber monocoque built racing frame. Hand made in Italy with the expertise and cooperation of 3 world class companies:




This is the frame that started it all. The Italians had carbon fiber perfected way before any other company, is the frame history:

In the 1980's Andrea Cinelli who hails from the Cinelli name decided to manufacture the ultimate racing frame. Along with Ferrari and Campagnolo the design was perfected and production went into effect. Sadly, only several dozen were ever made. It was just too expensive to manufacture, in 1991 these frames sold for $3500. All the Cinetica frames used Campagnolo dropouts stamped: Cinetica. As for the paint, that was provided by Ferrari along with its carbon expertise.

You will not find much info on the internet about Cinetica, it was way WAY ahead of its time. One claim to fame for this frame is the fact that it was used as a prop in 1991 in Terminator 2, Judgement Day, 1991 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger...look it up see for yourself.

Why is this frame so rare, it started it all...while everybody was messing with aluminum, Andrea Cinelli had a vision to use carbon fiber. To the best of my knowledge, I know of only 4 of these frames on the planet as of this day. In the late 1980's there were a few companies who exprimented w/ carbon ...won't mention names...why ruffle feathers, the end result was failure. Cinetica was 20 years ahead of its time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Custom RnRFR Cinelli Vigorelli

These guys have been getting all sorts of shit lately.
Custom Cinellis? Baller

Kind of like these better than the new green MASH frames.
More pics here

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cinelli Laser Pistas

Someone just uploaded a pretty pair of Cinelli Laser Pistas on velospace. Nice

Monday, March 8, 2010

I love getting packages in the mail

I accidentally won two of these guys awhile back (via auctionsniper) and they finally came.

Older C-Record

Newer C-Record

Here they are side by side. The newer one is a little shorter, is more smoothed out, and has a brushed finish. I think its from the 90's. The first one is definitely from the 80's. The older one weighs almost twice as much as the newer one.

Also won this cog last week, thought it would go nicely with my Sheriff Star wheels.

I've been way into C-Record track parts lately.

Custom Dura Ace Inlays

Green, Orange, Sparkle
spotted at export
I'm pretty sure these are aftermarket mods, made by Dreamworks or some other crazy shop in Japan.
Pretty sick nonetheless.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Allisyns Entry for F/Stops

Remember, F/Stops is tonight at 7 at Indy Ink in Denver. The show starts around 7 and the alleycat starts at 8.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

NJS Ridiculousness

Used keirin frames can sell for top dollar on eBay and the internet at large. At least if they're in good condition, that is no rust, no dings, no dents, no stripped threads, no bent forks, the frame is aligned, decent paint, etc. NJS Export prices a "near mint" frame at around $1800

and a fucked up frame for about $300.

So I was dismayed when I saw this super fucked up Nagasawa on eBay with a current bid of $540. The head tube looks like its about to fall off and the top tube looks like someone took an axe to it.

The sellers description:
here is your chance to win a used classic NJS stamped keirin nagasawa track frame, it's been used on Japanese track race in the 80s-90s. everything still in good conditions. just a slightly toptube dent it can be covered with top tube protector. run smooth and fast.

*original hatta headset, fork and bb are included.

seattube: 54cm
toptube: 55cm
downtube: 60cm
drop out: 120

few there and here paint chips, a track race toptube dent. over all in good condition

Sketchy, but the seller calls himself "bootlegs" and has pretty bad feedback. You just have to feel bad for the idiot who is bidding that thing up.