Thursday, October 29, 2009

Too many De Rosas

Could't find the velospace account I got this from a long time ago.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Super Fixie Fun Time

BFF Denver

Y'all should head down to Denver this weekend for BFF events. Shit was pretty weak when it rolled through Boulder so try and catch the stuff you missed back in September. I think I'd rather watch some gnar cyclocross on Sunday at the Boulder Res than bike polo & soccer in Denver though.

Oh yeah and

The Spoke Cyclery Here in Boulder used to sponsor a Mercian Team. The Spoke used to be in the building that is now occupied by Buchanans Coffee Pub on the Hill.

Mercian Cycles Register

Has some nice old Merkins

Mercian Register

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thought I'd share this since it's kind of bike-related....

Midterm project, we were supposed to pick a letter (C is for cycling...) and make a poster of it, with the specific text at the bottom.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giuseppe Saronni

Was such a baller that Ernesto Colnago built him frames with his own name (and face!) on them.

Sprint between Saronni and Moser

NOS 52cm Colnago-Saronni Track on eBay right now

Campy Hi-Low Flange Front Track Hub

Designed to be stiffer on the side that faces the outside of the velodrome and save a few grams on the other side.. back when quick releases were okay on the track?
Classic Rendezvous

Map for tonights ride

View Thursday. in a larger map

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hella Pink 1979 Colnago Master Track Prototype

"We built that bike for a Russian sprinter (Rapp?); to test the position and the overall concept but unfortunately there just wasn't time to develop this further for the track worlds.

However, this same concept was developed into the bike that the Russian 100km TTT squad used. (1980 Olympic Champions; Kashrin, Logvin, Chelpakov, Jarkin in 2:01:27.07.) We built a frame that was similar to this with a 26in front wheel and the handlebars were welded on to the fork crown and they won at over 50km/hr average speed!"


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bike on CU Campus Much?

If so you'll be appalled by the treatment that cyclists are receiving at this blog, which looks to have been set up with the goal of restricting bicycle and skateboard use on campus. This blog is looking for scapegoats and sob stories to help their case. We all bike pretty recklessly sometimes, and I'm sure we've all plowed over a few longboarders who were "carving" in our bike paths, but I don't know anyone other than James Schu who has ever hit a pedestrian, yet this blog is implying that hit and runs between cyclists and peds occur regularly and are a growing problem. Don't let this sensationalist cause have their way, if you have an opinion on mixed use paths on campus, leave a comment on the Reckless at CU blog.
Note that this blog dropped on the same day as this Daily Camera article which discusses restricting car use on campus... Imagine an all pedestrian CU campus.

Friday, October 16, 2009

SRP Fail

Bolt broke off in my bottom bracket. Guess we know why my cranks were being noisy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sugoi Cycling Shoes

Super sick, pretty colorful, apparently pretty durable. $10 a pair at Vecchios while supplies last! Available in SPD and 3-hole.

Map for tonights ride.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fantome Fixed

We all know about NJS export as a resource for importing crashed out, candy colored frames made out of obsolete tubing. But what if you wanted a crashed out, chromed out European track frame? Check out Fantome Fixed. They run a similar operation to NJS Export, they go around to several velodromes, buy up old (mostly French) bikes and sell them off their blog. Heres a few gems.
MBK Pursuit

Cesbron Pursuit



They're pretty affordable compared to an NJS frame but the quality is dubious in comparison as these are pretty obscure builders using older tubesets. I'd watch out for the hard to replace French threaded bottom brackets and headsets too. They also have a decent selection of vintage parts to go along with their frames if you're serious about building up a vintage French bike.

Frame Geometry

via Milano Fixed

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pitlock Skewers

I was browsing the web the other day when I stumbled upon an anti-theft system called Pitlock. The idea is to take a normal allen key or quick release and replace it with a uniquely shaped bolt or skewer that you can only open with a special tool. But theres not just one special tool, theres 256 shapes and your set of bolts will be one of 256 random shapes, so unless the dude trying to strip your bike rolls with 256 pit tools you're good to go.

They make skewers for both front and rear wheels, bolts for brakes, seatpost binders, stem top caps, and some other random stuff. The seatpost binder is a lot more effective than running an old chain or a snowboard lock between the seatstay and saddle rail as a ghetto seat/seatpost lock. The stem top cap is will keep your threadless stem/fork from getting jacked. From what I can tell they don't make pit shaped 15mm nuts for track hubs or bolts for Phil Wood hubs but the quick release skewer is good if you're riding with a Hed 3 or something crazy like that in the front. They're abit pricey though, maybe just stick with super glue & ball bearings in your allen nuts until you save $50-100 for a set.
available online from Peter White or directly from the manufacturer

Friday, October 9, 2009

PBR Poker - Oct 10th 3pm - TOMORROW !!

Its almost here the PBR Poker Alley Cat is going down at 3pm. Meet at folsom field

More info at BAC to the future

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Track Shack 1st Year Anniversary recap

Last Sunday was the Track Shack's one year anniversary party.
There was an alleycat (with some annoying checkpoints - PBR chug atop Denver's only hill!?)

Boulder's own Peter getting a manifest signed by Track Shack proprietor Curtis Wallach

Everyones favorite bike & beer game, PBR Pickup

Boulders own Adam Mork "going dumb" with some PBR cans

A best trick competition

Boulders own Adam Mork somehow managing to get a Cane Creek Headset to spin around

Sam Turner, proprietor of the Track Shack, demonstrating a "superman"

And of course, crowd favorite, Footdown

Alleycat Winner: Riley
PBR Pickup: Tyler
Best Trick: Brad
Footdown: Galen "Big Bear"

Boulder Results.
Alleycat 2nd Peter
PBR Pickup 2nd Mork
Trick 2nd Mork

Thanks and Congrats to Curt and Sam for making it through year 1 and putting on an awesome event.
photos via Lenny Maiorani

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Night Fixed Gear Ride - 10/1/09 - Route Posted

View Thursday Night Ride 10/1/2009 in a larger map

8pm Folsom Field.

new SAG bag Prototype - Caught on Prollys Flickr

Looking pretty fresh, sick colorway. Thing im digging is that there appear to be alot more pockets on the outside and some additional straps. I have one of the Messenger Larges, and i wish it had some more storage spots. And also the velcro is totally cashed, a strap would be nice.