Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bike on CU Campus Much?

If so you'll be appalled by the treatment that cyclists are receiving at this blog, which looks to have been set up with the goal of restricting bicycle and skateboard use on campus. This blog is looking for scapegoats and sob stories to help their case. We all bike pretty recklessly sometimes, and I'm sure we've all plowed over a few longboarders who were "carving" in our bike paths, but I don't know anyone other than James Schu who has ever hit a pedestrian, yet this blog is implying that hit and runs between cyclists and peds occur regularly and are a growing problem. Don't let this sensationalist cause have their way, if you have an opinion on mixed use paths on campus, leave a comment on the Reckless at CU blog.
Note that this blog dropped on the same day as this Daily Camera article which discusses restricting car use on campus... Imagine an all pedestrian CU campus.


Matt said...

I have no doubt that you boulder fixed guys are able bike riders, and I don't think this campaign is aimed at you. I love bikes and bike to campus every day, but I will admit there are a huge number of bike-riding idiots that, for example, try to ride through a sea of undergrads when class gets out. With no dedicated space for bikes, this is really not a good idea as they cannot ride any faster than people are walking and just get in the way. Things seem to work mostly okay up on the path by Broadway with separate bike and pedestrian lanes, so maybe that's what's needed on the rest of campus. I'm not really sure what the goal of this Reckless at CU group is, but I don't think they're trying to keep bikes off campus.

peterabbit said...

Im not trying to imply that the goal is banning bikes, I said the goal is restricting use. Last year CU police put a speed limit on the broadway bike path during school hours and that doesn't seem to have done much so I feel that safety advocates are trying to do more. I could see a lower speed limit, higher consequences for pedestrian collisions, and restrictions on what paths through campus can be used by cyclists during school hours. I agree that not all cyclists are bad but the dynamics of a mixed use paths around campus are very complex. If new rules need to be enacted then they shouldn't be proposed by someone who is pro-pedestrian(like Reckless at CU) or someone who is pro-cycling(like me).

gibsonhall said...

the latest and greatest from daily cam.com


"I don't ride a bike on campus, ever, for one main reason: I'm way too scared,"

nice photos too

303cycling said...

I don't think it is anti cyclist, it is my understanding that this blog was created by the CU Bike Program. I'm assuming its just to raise awarness of the situation that possible infrastructure changes might be needed or at the very least some education and enforement.