Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back Online

Im officially starting up regular updates on this blog. I never was really "offline" in a technical sense, more of a psychological sense.

To start off i have an interesting piece about auctions.yahoo.co.jp, which is a great place to get excellent condition NJS frames at a price way less than the competition (njsframes.blogspot.com njs-keirin.blogspot.com). Part of this piece is about how njsframes (rene) bought a frame from auctions.yahoo.co.jp and relisted it on his blog for a 500$ upsell (~750 - 1250) !! The crazy part is that he will definetely sell the frame at 1250 which is still not a bad deal. Expect this later today/tomorrow.

In addition to this more photos and videos of me and others on bikes in and around boulder will be posted.

Stay TUNED !