Thursday, July 31, 2008

BAC to the future

Boulder Alley Cat, going down August 23rd starts at 1:00pm. Check back for more details coming soon.

UPDATED: More Information @ the official BAC TO THE FUTURE blog

Minty Fresh Sprint dubs

New pedal setup, Errebi Sprint double straps, MKS royal nuevo

Absurd NOS Colnago

this ebay seller always has the craziest NOS campy, colnago, and ciocc stuff for sale.

Anodized LockNuts

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Boulder Cyclist hit @ 17th and B-way

"A 16-year-old Boulder High School student was hit by a car Thursday night while riding his bike through a flashing crosswalk.

The teen, Balazs A. Horanyi, who was unconscious when emergency personnel arrived, was expected to be released from the hospital today, Boulder police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said.

....." link

Ive always thought those crosswalks on broadway were dangerous. More often than not you press the button and a car in one lane slows down, while a car in the other lane blazes through. This is why I dont even enter those crosswalks until I make eye contact with both drivers, or can clearly see that they are slowing down. Be smart, and never assume anything.

SAG rings

sagLife blog

4cm deep section rims

via vintagePista (170$ per Set) 32h, 36 hole available. These are made by gipiemme but are unbranded. Super strong, my new rear wheel is a NOS version of this rim in 28 hole, no braking surface.

Ive dealt with vintagePista and they are great! fair prices and reasonable shipping.

NOS White Cinelli Volare SLX

via vintagePista (130$)

got one of these on the new whip, supppeer grippy, with a durable white finish.

Colnago Master 57cm

via vintagePista (1800$)

M-Idea 57.5 c-t (lug porn)

via keirinculture (950$)

Tour de Fat - Denver - September 13

Date: September 13, 2008
Location: City Park (Denver)

Tour de Fat mySpace

Tour de Fat Blog

Tour de Fat Flickr

Hufnagel lugwork


Japanese paid $3,000,000 to UCI to get keirin in Olympics

BBC alleges UCI took bribes to support keirin's Olympic bid
Did someone pay for them to be there?
Did someone pay for them to be there?

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has been put under the spotlight by a report that claims the world cycling body was paid to help get track cycling's keirin event on the Olympic program in 1996.

The BBC reported on its Web site that it possesses documents which "reveal a series of substantial payments to the UCI, which began just two months after the keirin was accepted into the Olympics in December 1996.”

The report, which was denied by a top Japanese official, claims that $3 million was "paid by organizers of a Japanese cycling event to the UCI — the world cycling body.”

The UCI says it has found no evidence of the bribery.

"UCI looked into this matter when questions were first raised by the BBC in early June," the organization's press office said in a statement released Monday. "A thorough examination of our records and interviews with those involved has turned up no evidence that this was anything other than a straightforward, completely proper arrangement to promote track cycling."

However a former top official with the UCI, Denmark's Henrik Elmgreen, said it was widely known that the keirin, which in 1992 was in danger of being dropped from the UCI's world championship program, was pushed through thanks to money.

"We must admit that when they came (into the Olympics) it was because the Japanese were very influential in the UCI and they offered a lot of money in order to promote this discipline," he is reported as saying on the BBC. "You can to a certain extent say they bought their way in but on the other hand it is a spectacular discipline.

"Everybody knew the Japanese were supporting the (UCI) World Cup series and were supporting everything and I think everybody realized that they weren't doing it for nothing,” Elmgreen added. "They wanted something in return and everybody knew what they got in return."

When asked to substantiate the claims by the BBC, a top Japanese cycling official identified only as Mr. Koramasu categorically denied any deal having ever taken place.

"No transfer of money took place," he said. "What we did is that we supported establishing the cycling training centers in Japan and also we paid the set amount that all the national federations pay for membership — sort of a membership fee — I have to say I do not know about it at all.

"I have been in this position up until 1998, however I've never heard of any direct payment of money or cash."

Former UCI chief Hein Verbruggen, now a top International Olympic Committee (IOC) official, also denied any wrongdoing.

"It's been done in total transparency," he said. "This was done for the development of track cycling around the world."

The keirin is one of track cycling's sprint events. Racers are paced by a motorbike before engaging in a frantic dash for the finish line. The event is big money business in Japan, where it forms an integral part of a multi-million-dollar betting industry.

via velonews

Friday, July 25, 2008



SAG toe straps

when are these coming out ?? i would be soo down.

NOS head bands

Buy it Now 8$

Buy it now 8$


UPDATED FLYER: Track Attack Denver this Saturday

im sooo down

my size.. 56.5 square

1180$ link

dum didi dum dum

no words necessary link


saw this over at hkfixed, lots of crazy details, like the double pipe seat tube. What kind of wheel is that ... ?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

getting Ready for Track Attack

Eyo, tonite and tomorrow im gonna be out and about practicing some tricks to get ready for Saturdays track attack see previous post. If you wanna meet up, post up the comments section.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Sale : Vintage Campagnolo Track Wheelset

rear: Campagnolo Record Track 36 hole tied and soldered spokes , mavic gp-4 tubular rimfront: Campagnolo Record Track 36 hole tied and soldered spokes , mavic gp-4 tubular rim
Hubs alone are worth atleast 150, it also comes with 2 carrying bags. Ill let it all go for 250, which includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US. its gonna go up on ebay soon with a starting bid 100, NR, if i dont sell it here or locally.