Monday, November 17, 2008

SAG Toe Straps on EBAY !!

This is the first time ive seen SAG toe straps for sale. Currently at 102$ (on ebay) i wouldnt be suprised if these go above 200. Ive seen these in some macaframa videos and the seller says that he got them from a MASH rider. SAG really needs to go mainstream with these.

Monday, November 10, 2008

MORE: Extreme Cycling

The italians are at it again, going dumb on roadbikes ! I already posted about guliano calore and his no bar/stem riding. Well check this out. These guys over at magico tempe, do crazy roadbike wheelies, and endos. Not to mention this guy on a mountain bike navigating an race course doing a wheelie !! Or this guy doing a one footed no handed roadbike trackstand.

With fixed gear tricksters getting so much attention these days its good to see people still throw down on freewheels.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Something everyone should know about Headsets

Basically, integrated/internal headsets are wakk. To learn more about why, chris king has a very informative .pdf that explains everything. The quick explanation is that there is always a little bit of play in headset bearings, which is normal, but this play eventually wears away at the surface holding the bearings. With a traditional headset, it just wears away on the headset cups and the crown race, but in an integrated headset it wears away on the frame since there is no headset cup. After some time the bearings will become permanently loose, and no amount of tightening will be able to fix it. The result is a ruined frame.

In an internal headset, their is a shim that prevents the frame from getting ruined but the bearings still sit inside the headtube. And most frame builders can only build to an accuracy of about .005" whereas a chris king headset cup is built to an accuracy of .0005" which is 10 times more accurate. This means that the headset will work better and last longer.

from the chrisking website

"We presented an opinion on internal and integrated systems several years ago and our belief remains the same today. We simply believe these systems do not have the long-term durability and performance characteristics to carry the King name."

Friday, November 7, 2008

Purps and Greens ! w/ Industry Nine wheels

Who got Purples ?! I GOT GRAPES !!! wheels are done by industrynine. Hands down the sickest wheels for a mountain bike.

They offer any color combo you can think of, including alternating spoke colors, and spoke color fades !!!! Check out their website, they use super beefy aluminum spokes that thread into the hub.

blue -> black fade !!
rasta fade !!

gold on gold !!

im pretty sure that they will sell just hubs and spokes, so you could use your own rim.
Chris King Bottom brackets have arrived ! They work with Shimano style external cranks, which means you wont see them on fixed gears any time soon, but they would be great for a road or mountain bike.

ReTired Belts

Check these out, my friend dilan makes them out in san francisco. I have one and its basically the only belt i wear ! He sells them for around 20 dollars. Not quite sure if he will ship them, but i dont see why he wouldnt. Shoot him an email: For more info check out his blog

Monday, November 3, 2008

so those bizarre looking bars i mentioned in my Selle Itallia post are acutually Corima Manta bars, and it just so happens there is a set on ebay for sale. I still havent figured out how they connect to the stem, but they sure look sweet !