Saturday, August 30, 2008

42cm deep section rims - HPlusSon

Models: Formation Face/ SV42 (no braking surface), SL42 (braking surface)

Apparently if you live in the US or China the shipping is reasonable. And the cost is about 80$ per rim.

comes in 700c + 650c.
Black anodised / Gold anodised / Silver anodised / Powdercoat White

Manufacturer: hplusson / H+Son



The "plus" in H Plus Son is the story of its founding; a struggle. The plus is a struggle between father and son, between tradition and rebellion, between productivity and heart, between the bottom line and reckless passion.

Away from the conditioned air of the west to the sweaty factory floor, the son returns. The industrial monstrosity which took the margin with stride spoke nothing of the passion he pursued. The "plus" is a transformation by necessity. It is the addition of the father and the son.

The shimmering roof of the new factory tells of its eventual demise. Yet, at the zenith of China's industrial productivity, H Plus Son puts forth something different. Tired of the racist image of China as the swarming industrial anthill pushing forth towards quantity, we represent a new generation, no longer under the demands of necessity but show that quality, dedication and care can and will spring from anywhere.

Mission Statement:

H Plus Son is interested neither in rebranding nor rehashing but in bringing new ideas to the table. Whether by new designs or methods of production, we are here to share our freshest ideas with people that understand our passion.

Product Information:

Formation Face:

Formation Face is a true "V" profile rim. Without any stress points in the sidewall, the uniform triangle shape creates an exceptional strength. The 42mm height of the triangle profile reinforces this strength by adding stiffness, creating an aerodynamic rim that requires little truing. The simple profile shape also saves weight by reducing the distance between the bead hook and the spoke bed. Because of the thinness of the sidewalls, technical hurdles had to be overcome in engineering a welded joint. Despite the profile height, we were able to reduce the weight to around 580 grams (± 15 grams) using the G609 aluminum alloy which is also 30 percent stronger than the 6061 aluminum alloy used in standard rim manufacture.


The SL-42 rim is the original 42mm high rim that took us over a year to develop and more than two years to overcome difficulties in production. The research and development of this rim eventually led, with the elimination of the braking surface, to the creation of Formation Face. Like Formation Face, SL-42 owes its stiffness and aerodynamics to 42mm profile height. The two models share the same lightness, reduced to around 580 grams (± 15 grams) using the G609 aluminum alloy which is also 30 percent stronger than the 6061 aluminum alloy used in standard rim manufacture."

via rodafixa

RODAFIXA says they are taking orders, but i would also email them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Samson : Sickest Paint Job Ever !

4 Color fade (pink -> White), WOW. I'd go for this 4 Color fade but, Blue -> White.

seen on

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So BAC To the Future is THIS Saturday, and from what i've been hearing the turnout should be pretty good.

I've updated the checkpoints on google maps.

Got some more spokecard previews up for Pink and Yellow.

And remember its FREE, 1:00pm registration, 1:30 race start !

Fixed gear Hot or Not

Hot or Not for fixed gears

SAG AirForce 1

is that a map of boulder ? .. how convenient

Monday, August 18, 2008

Valmont Bike Park Boulder

Boulder is getting a dedicated bike park which will cater to mountain bikers, cyclocross, BMX, and dirt jumpers !

read more over at velonews

official website - valmont bike park


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Samson x Furan

Holla at a playa when you see me in the streets trick WOOP

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Track Attack Photos (July)

bling bike, chillin

this guy won the race (3rensho)

phil on a wheel grind (Cannondale)

"tell me when to go"

NOS 3Rensho (Vecchios)

NOS 3Rensho, Suntour Superbe Pro, C Record Sheriff Star NJS, Silva Double Straps.

vecchios, on pearl street in boulder.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

BAC TO THE FUTURE - gets its own blog !!

So ive decided that the BAC TO THE FUTURE alley cats will get its own blog.

It will be the definitive place to find information about past and upcoming races. Including stats, pictures, and flyers. So check it out !

Updates will be less frequent than here, but i will be posting spoke card design samples for stage winners, overall, points, KOM, and the septembers flyer in the upcoming days. Also posted are the preliminary checkpoints. This allows everyone a chance to do a route beforehand, not just me!

Cadence Doublizers


I wanna talk to SAMSON

NJS-EXPORT just finished a re-up. lots of new Samson's Makino's and 3Rensho's. I think he might benefit from a 10% price cut. Some of those frames have been on his site foreever.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wheel LED's

im down, i looked into the ones they used in the pacman picture, but they are kinda expensive and big, plus you need atleast 2 of them in each wheel, and each one only supports one color. I havent had time to look into the monkey electric ones yet.


Fanny Pack !!!!

Im about this, via fabric horse