Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks, Props

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, without y'all this wouldn't have been such a big success. This event also wouldn't have been possible without our sponsors. Heres a little bit about all the (mostly) local businesses that helped us out:

Coastless Clothing

Coastless is Ross, Casey & Matt. They started Coastless a few months back to make fixed gear inspired clothing here in Boulder. The company is still getting started so be patient if you keep seeing "Coming soon" all over their online store. Ross and Casey were a tremendous help in organizing the event last night and we couldn't have done it without them. Casey, who does most of the design work for Coastless, gave away some really nice one-off prints and shirts he made for the event last night. Casey also designed the flyer for the event, which is pretty big, gotta give props.

Snarfs Sandwiches

Snarfs is a sandwich shop with 6 locations in Boulder and Denver. Their sandwiches are amazing, I'll eat a veggie snarf any day of the week. Also, they are a zero waste business -- they compost or recycle everything, no trash!

Satellite Boardshop

Satellite is THE skate & snow shop in Boulder, they're also one of four Snowboard Magazine Supershops. Satellite also carries the coveted & limited Vans Syndicate lines. Buy your sneakers here or at Installation Shoe Gallery

Installation is one of a kind. They sell sick shoes, headphones, sunglasses, hats and streetwear. They carry brands like The Hundreds, ALIFE, Nike SB, and Supra that are otherwise hard to find in town. This is THE sneaker freaker store in Boulder.

Ace Metric

Ace Metric is a track/tarckx bike shop in Florida. We got set up with some bike parts from these guys through our friend Nick, who recently moved out here from Orlando. Unfortunately, the package didn't arrive quite on time so well have to get parts out to Trick Comp winners later this week.

DVLP Clothing

DVLP clothing is a streetwear company based out of Denver. I like their clothes a lot, they don't just make t-shirts either. They've got sweatshirts, jackets, denim, shorts -- all sorts of styles. Noah, one of the partners of the company, contributes a lot to the Denver bike community through sponsoring events like this and hosting the pre-loops meetup every week at his coffee shop Crema Coffee

Crema Coffee is a sweet new coffee shop in Denver, located in the 5 points neighborhood at 29th and Larimer. The space is really well designed, its a garage that was transformed into a coffee shop. Loops, a Tuesday night bike ride, meets there beforehand. Also, the coffee and juices are delicious.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a new & used clothing store. You can go there to sell clothes if you need cash, or to buy clothes if you want some new ones. The Boulder location has recently had a lot of good stuff come through. Also, if you're interested, they sell SE and PK Ripper bikes at pretty good prices.

Our host, Boulder Indoor Cycling

The upstairs section of this short, quick, steep, wooden velodrome was where we showed the Revival. Part of the indoor trials/mountain bike course was where we had the trick competition. Steven, the cycling manager, was really good to us and we hope to have more bike events here in the future.

Fake Diamonds Clothing

Last but certainly not least, Fake Diamonds. Fake Diamonds is a clothing company run out of Boulder by Dillon Morton. They have a good selection and a pretty unique style. Dillon also DJed for us and threw it down hard at that. Check out their clothes, those sweaters are the bees knees.

Expect an event recap later tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

at the courts

Just a few clips we shot off on our phones before they died...

BFG 2010 Camera Phone Courts from Boulder Fixed Gear on Vimeo.

Thursday Night Ride - Jan 28th \\ Map

View Thursday Night Ride Jan - 29th in a larger map

Ya, its gonna be cold. But we will still be there, plus the route has a Coffee Break @ 'The Cup' about 2/3 of the way through the route.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Revival!This Saturday

Sorry about the lack of posts for the past few days, been working on finishing up this project.

(click to enlarge! and print off if you want)

This Saturday we'll be co-hosting the Boulder Premiere of The Revival at Boulder Indoor Cycling, the film will be shown at 9pm. If you haven't yet seen the trailer, or have seen it and want to see it again, here it is:

THE REVIVAL from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

We'll be hosting a trick competition beforehand, which we'll meet at 7:30pm for. I've just received word that we will have access to Boulder Indoor Cycling's indoor mountain bike track/obstacles for the competition!

In addition to "best trick" there will be a game of Beer pickup, a wheelie contest, a fakie-riding contest, footdown and possibly bracketed street sprints. The winners of the individual events will receive prizes and the overall winner(person who did best in the most events) will get a super sick prize package. I'm sorry to everyone who wanted to ride the track but we couldn't afford to rent the track for pre-movie racing.

We've also got door prizes for those of you who don't want to do tricks or have fun on your bike.

We will have awesome prizes from these awesome sponsors:
Snarfs Sandwiches
Satellite Boardshop
Installation Shoe Gallery
Ace Metric
DVLP Clothing
Crema Coffee
Coastless Clothing
Buffalo Exchange
Fake Diamonds Clothing
Full Cycle

We look forward to seeing you all there! Feel free to ask any questions.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday night Fixed Gear Ride - Changes

Just want to let everyone know there will be a few changes to the format of the thursday night ride.

We here at boulder fixed gear love to ride, and some of us like to do tricks, but not everyone likes to trick, and most probably dont enjoy riding from one place to another just to watch ppl stunt endlessly.

SO starting tonight and moving forward, we are going to make the thursday night ride more of a RIDE and less of a trick jam. So expect less frequent stops and more cruisin. For all you trick jammers we are settling on a weekly meetup probably on saturday and somewhere on campus, most likely at the basketball courts

Also, we would like to get other people involved in planning routes. So if youve got a cool park or a sweet route from one place to another that you think would be cool for the ride, let us know in the comments, google maps are also welcome suggestions.

Time and location is the same, 7pm at Folsom Field. see ya there

Ride Tonight!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Revival, Boulder Premiere

If you don't know already, we will be presenting the Revival, along with Coastless Clothing, at Boulder Indoor Cycling on January 30th at 9pm.

We will be having a trick competition before the screening which may involve some sort of racing. Plan on being in Boulder by 7pm if you wanna attend the pre-premiere events.

After the screening, Boulder Fixed and Coastless Clothing will be hosting an afterparty, with live djs, at a building nearby and everyone gets in FO FREE !

Thanks everyone,
-Boulderfixed Crew

p.s. if you would like to sponsor the trick competition, contact us (fm.produktions at!

Dont Forget

This Weekend!

Cicli Dodici

Cicli Dodici opened up an actual shop awhile back. I know were a little late to jump on this but I think its interesting because we've dealt with them before, not as Cicli Dodici, but as Vintage Pista. Anyway, since we last wrote about them awhile back they've started making their own house branded track frames, which all look pretty high quality.

This is the Gara, welded Aluminum frame & Carbon fork. €400.00

The Veloce, lugged not welded, made of Columbus Zona. €500.00

The Leggero, welded, made of Columbus Spirit. €650.00

Finally, the Super! welded, made of Columbus XRc -- Columbus' Stainless Steel tubeset, which was introduced relatively recently and has numerous advantages over traditional steel tubing -- lighter, stronger, more corrosion resistant, etc... Hence the €1200.00 pricetag.

And also, as usual, these guys have a grip of Vintage & NOS parts.

Cicli D Website/Blog & Flickr

Guccilife always manages to find the craziest old shit


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guerciotti Pista

Spotted this Guerciotti for $1000 on Denver CL, which is a steal for a compete vintage bike: 58 cm, looks like its built up with mostly Nuovo Record Pista parts, Cinelli 2a Track Stem & Cinelli Pista bars, lots of pantographing, custom (unicanitor?) saddle, Nuovo Record low flange hubs on old tubular rims. Its hard to be sure about any of this because the pictures look like they were taken through scratched glass.

Mike Kone has this to say about Guerciotti:
"Some examples are great, but be cautious of the few that look like high school metal shop projects gone horribly awry. Many Guerciotti bicycles have the added appeal of wonderful pantographed components. The tale goes that the Guerciotti brothers entered the world of frame building with the guidance of Cino Cinelli. This makes plenty of sense - the frames bearing their name ride superbly! In the early 80's Ten Speed Drive Imports brought unpainted Guerciotti frames into the U.S and painted them with Dupont Imron. The idea was to have Italian frames with more desirable U.S paint. values of Guerciotti bicycles depend on condition, quality of construction, and interesting pantographed components."

Thursday Night Ride - 7pm @ Folsom Field

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pictures from the Mavic Factory,

via Velonews

Cinelli BMX saddle

Think your Cinelli Saddle is sick? Check this one out.

More Campy NJS

In addition to having their C-record track group approved by NJS, it seems that Campagnolos frame parts, too can be found on some older NJS frames.

This Ohtaki, for instance, has Campagnolo fork and rear ends.

After further looking, I spotted this Uno on NJS export.

I'm not quite sure why the ends look different, maybe the builders shaped them differently. Either way, either of these frames would look super pimp with Campy/Cinelli NJS parts.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tallbike Wheelie Barspin

YESSIR ! Fran is killing it again !

ive ridden this bike and its a fucking blast to blow by people doing wheelies 10 feet in the air, you couldnt even imagine how many people stare at you when you ride by.


Fixed Mountain Biking

I thought I would cover one of may favorite bikes and an interesting and unique ride. The story is this, I needed a mountain bike. They are always good to have in a pinch, make for awesome snow bikes, and of course are perfect for that which they are designed. I started out with a 2005 Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail Frame which is made of their M4 aluminum, a compound of aluminum alloyed with silicon, copper, magnesium, and vanadium.

Note: There is now a M5 Specialized Frame that is alloyed with silicon, manganese, magnesium and zinc. The difference being that the ultimate and yield strengths are both a touch bigger and also the ability of the the materials to retain their hardness and stiffness after welding such that less material is incorporated into the frame itself.

Next I acquired a 2008 Fox F-Series 120mm RLC fork with G2 Geometry. This was a very hard item to acquire, being that you cannot purchase this item in retail, as it is custom made for Gary Fisher and the geometry of their bikes. So, I called the rep, and he was kind enough to pull one off a bike for me. Lets just say this was going to be fun.

Note: The G2 Geometry implies that the offset of the fork is 51mm and exclusive to Gary Fisher bikes. As opposed to a normal offset of 38-44mm the fork is unusually raked forward, lengthening the wheelbase. Why did I need this? Well my frame is designed for 80mm of travel in the front, to put 120mm of travel on it I would need to shoot the front end forward.

I paired my find with a Red Chris King 1 1/8 NoThreadSet Original.

Then, I ran out of funds. Postponing the build for another 14 months, purchasing odds and ends when I could stomach them.

Come the Spring of 2009 I had had enough waiting. Although I had intended this bike to run 2x9 with a Sram 3.3 Stylo Team Crankset complete with Rock Guard - tear :'( -I opted to create my first Fixed Gear Mountain Bike.

My last big purchase/build was the rear wheel. The single vertical dropout provided the problem, my White Industries Eric's Eccentric ENO Disc Hub 32h solved that problem.
With the help of a great guy named Dustin at University Bicycles we laced it 2x to a Mavic 321 Disc Rim with DT Swiss Champion 2.0 Straight Gauge and Brass Nipples. Paired with aTomiCOG (which is the ultimate solution, laser cut type 304 stainless steel 1/2" pitch chain drive cog, cut to match a standard 6-bolt mtn bike disc rotor mount) I was set.

Parts List:
2005 Specialized Stumpjumper 19" M4 Frame
2008 Fox F-Series 120mm RLC G2
Avid BB7 Disc Brake and Lever
Chris King 1 1/8 NoThreadSet
WTB SpeedDisc Rim Laced to Deore 32h Hub
32h White Industries ENO Eccentric Laced to Mavic 123 Disc
Izumi Chain
Specialized Avatar Saddle
Generic Seatpost
Specialized XC Handlebars UNCUT w/ Specialized XC Locking Grips
Specialized 80mm 31.8 Stem Flipped and Shimmed at -16
175 Specialized Deore LX Crankset (Un Modified Tripple)
Maxxis Advantage Rear 2.25 Tire

Spec.'s aside this bike is so much fun. It rides great, weighs just about 22 lbs. So much fun on the trails, skidding on dirt throws a new meaning into control. Also a perfect commuter in its 42x16, mainly ridden in 32x16 on trails. Seen in haternation's PBR Poker Alley Cat.

55cm White Rainbow Sparkly Chrome Samson for sale !!

My friend Fran, is trying to sell his immaculately setup Samson. This thing is the tits, top of the line everything. The wheelset alone could easily go for +700$ it was built two weeks ago, Gipiemme 428 rear rim - laced with bladed spokes - to a chrome phil. Front wheel is a 650c Shamal laced radially with bladed spokes to a chrome low flange phil. It doesnt stop there, titanium chris king, sugino 75's with a custom anodized zen chainring, custom anodized crank bolts, MKS Custom Nuevo's with kashimax double straps.

Plus its full chrome, and as seen in the pictures the chainstays, headtube lugs, fork crown, seatstay bullets, and a few other places have the chrome fully revealed. Looks freekin amazing !

I talked to Fran he said he would do 1600 OBO ! Thats a steal, someone needs to get on this. email : with offers. with offers.

full specs over at velospace

Monday, January 11, 2010

I was biking on campus today

When I got T-boned out of nowhere by this asshole

who told me it was my fault for not noticing him (I was going in a straight line in the bike lane) and refused to pay for a new wheel. If you know this guy tell him he's a bitch, he was riding a black Surly 1x1 with red ourys.

I know that it wasn't the best wheel, sort of a temporary until I got something stronger but I didn't expect it to go like this. Now I'm starting to understand why some people are trying to crack down on campus bike use.