Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks, Props

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, without y'all this wouldn't have been such a big success. This event also wouldn't have been possible without our sponsors. Heres a little bit about all the (mostly) local businesses that helped us out:

Coastless Clothing

Coastless is Ross, Casey & Matt. They started Coastless a few months back to make fixed gear inspired clothing here in Boulder. The company is still getting started so be patient if you keep seeing "Coming soon" all over their online store. Ross and Casey were a tremendous help in organizing the event last night and we couldn't have done it without them. Casey, who does most of the design work for Coastless, gave away some really nice one-off prints and shirts he made for the event last night. Casey also designed the flyer for the event, which is pretty big, gotta give props.

Snarfs Sandwiches

Snarfs is a sandwich shop with 6 locations in Boulder and Denver. Their sandwiches are amazing, I'll eat a veggie snarf any day of the week. Also, they are a zero waste business -- they compost or recycle everything, no trash!

Satellite Boardshop

Satellite is THE skate & snow shop in Boulder, they're also one of four Snowboard Magazine Supershops. Satellite also carries the coveted & limited Vans Syndicate lines. Buy your sneakers here or at Installation Shoe Gallery

Installation is one of a kind. They sell sick shoes, headphones, sunglasses, hats and streetwear. They carry brands like The Hundreds, ALIFE, Nike SB, and Supra that are otherwise hard to find in town. This is THE sneaker freaker store in Boulder.

Ace Metric

Ace Metric is a track/tarckx bike shop in Florida. We got set up with some bike parts from these guys through our friend Nick, who recently moved out here from Orlando. Unfortunately, the package didn't arrive quite on time so well have to get parts out to Trick Comp winners later this week.

DVLP Clothing

DVLP clothing is a streetwear company based out of Denver. I like their clothes a lot, they don't just make t-shirts either. They've got sweatshirts, jackets, denim, shorts -- all sorts of styles. Noah, one of the partners of the company, contributes a lot to the Denver bike community through sponsoring events like this and hosting the pre-loops meetup every week at his coffee shop Crema Coffee

Crema Coffee is a sweet new coffee shop in Denver, located in the 5 points neighborhood at 29th and Larimer. The space is really well designed, its a garage that was transformed into a coffee shop. Loops, a Tuesday night bike ride, meets there beforehand. Also, the coffee and juices are delicious.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a new & used clothing store. You can go there to sell clothes if you need cash, or to buy clothes if you want some new ones. The Boulder location has recently had a lot of good stuff come through. Also, if you're interested, they sell SE and PK Ripper bikes at pretty good prices.

Our host, Boulder Indoor Cycling

The upstairs section of this short, quick, steep, wooden velodrome was where we showed the Revival. Part of the indoor trials/mountain bike course was where we had the trick competition. Steven, the cycling manager, was really good to us and we hope to have more bike events here in the future.

Fake Diamonds Clothing

Last but certainly not least, Fake Diamonds. Fake Diamonds is a clothing company run out of Boulder by Dillon Morton. They have a good selection and a pretty unique style. Dillon also DJed for us and threw it down hard at that. Check out their clothes, those sweaters are the bees knees.

Expect an event recap later tonight or tomorrow.

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Ace Metric said...

AHH! Guys, I'm so sorry that i blew it on the package. I'm getting stickers and shirts done very soon, so hang in there and I'll be sure to send a proper lot of goods. Congrats on the event and keep it up! -Blackshaw