Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cicli Dodici

Cicli Dodici opened up an actual shop awhile back. I know were a little late to jump on this but I think its interesting because we've dealt with them before, not as Cicli Dodici, but as Vintage Pista. Anyway, since we last wrote about them awhile back they've started making their own house branded track frames, which all look pretty high quality.

This is the Gara, welded Aluminum frame & Carbon fork. €400.00

The Veloce, lugged not welded, made of Columbus Zona. €500.00

The Leggero, welded, made of Columbus Spirit. €650.00

Finally, the Super! welded, made of Columbus XRc -- Columbus' Stainless Steel tubeset, which was introduced relatively recently and has numerous advantages over traditional steel tubing -- lighter, stronger, more corrosion resistant, etc... Hence the €1200.00 pricetag.

And also, as usual, these guys have a grip of Vintage & NOS parts.

Cicli D Website/Blog & Flickr

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