Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Bikes

My list is noticeably shorter than Peter's and Scott's but here goes...

I got this 49cm Pake Track sometime mid-2008 after having a conversion and continued riding it till late summer this year. It's too big for me and I kind of hated it. Right now it's in the slow process of becoming a winter/cruising bike, which it should be much better as.

For a while during the summer I rode my mom's 90's Carrera road bike. It's a really fun ride. Fingers crossed that I inherit this...

Finally, at the end of the summer I bought this 46cm Vivalo NJS frame (yes, tiny, I know). Got great deals on some parts through work and thanks to Peter for building the wheels. Definitely won't be buying another track bike until something happens to this one, its perfect for me.

That's it!

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