Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guerciotti Pista

Spotted this Guerciotti for $1000 on Denver CL, which is a steal for a compete vintage bike: 58 cm, looks like its built up with mostly Nuovo Record Pista parts, Cinelli 2a Track Stem & Cinelli Pista bars, lots of pantographing, custom (unicanitor?) saddle, Nuovo Record low flange hubs on old tubular rims. Its hard to be sure about any of this because the pictures look like they were taken through scratched glass.

Mike Kone has this to say about Guerciotti:
"Some examples are great, but be cautious of the few that look like high school metal shop projects gone horribly awry. Many Guerciotti bicycles have the added appeal of wonderful pantographed components. The tale goes that the Guerciotti brothers entered the world of frame building with the guidance of Cino Cinelli. This makes plenty of sense - the frames bearing their name ride superbly! In the early 80's Ten Speed Drive Imports brought unpainted Guerciotti frames into the U.S and painted them with Dupont Imron. The idea was to have Italian frames with more desirable U.S paint. values of Guerciotti bicycles depend on condition, quality of construction, and interesting pantographed components."

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