Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday night Fixed Gear Ride - Changes

Just want to let everyone know there will be a few changes to the format of the thursday night ride.

We here at boulder fixed gear love to ride, and some of us like to do tricks, but not everyone likes to trick, and most probably dont enjoy riding from one place to another just to watch ppl stunt endlessly.

SO starting tonight and moving forward, we are going to make the thursday night ride more of a RIDE and less of a trick jam. So expect less frequent stops and more cruisin. For all you trick jammers we are settling on a weekly meetup probably on saturday and somewhere on campus, most likely at the basketball courts

Also, we would like to get other people involved in planning routes. So if youve got a cool park or a sweet route from one place to another that you think would be cool for the ride, let us know in the comments, google maps are also welcome suggestions.

Time and location is the same, 7pm at Folsom Field. see ya there

1 comment:

daileydarko said...

wont make it tonight, but i think this will be a welcome change to the format of our rides...cruising non-stop...