Wednesday, January 6, 2010

haterNation's bikes 2009

Heres what I had in 2009:

Aww man how i loved this bike. Super light and snappy, best bike ive ever owned. Unfortunately near the end of the summer a small crack started to appear on the underside of my downtube. It grew until it was a full on split going about half way around the tube, thats when I threw in the towel. I dont know exactly how it happened, i had some head on collisions in alley cats, but those were months before i noticed the crack. I wasnt tricking to hard on it, whip skids, wheelies, and whirly birds. Either way that bike wasnt meant for the street and the type of riding i was doing. Eventually ill get it repaired to its former glory.

Bianchi DISS the ultimate winter bike: FOX suspension, studded tires, Thomson sp/stem, chris king

Loved this bike so much, had a blast every time I rode it. It excelled in thick snow and blizzard conditions. The fox suspension fork was great because it had the auto-engaging lockout so when your riding on the street/bike path it feels like a rigid fork, and when you need the suspension it just works. Singlespeed was great in the crappier conditions, but as the snow melted, having gears would've been better.

Redline 925 "Ringer"

After the ocean went out of comission I needed to get something setup asap, scooter let me ride his redline 925 until I got the cutter. this frame is better suited for singlespeedin' but worked well fixed.

Volume Cutter - Current

Volume's lifetime warranty helped soothe the pain I had for my broken Ocean. ride is solid, feels like a track bike, lots of barspin clearance. PLUS it glows in the dark!!

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