Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boulder Bike Check - #1

Hey everyone, long time no post ! Anyways, im trying to do a boulder bike check. If your in boulder and you got a cool fixed gear/track bike. Contact me and i will post pictures of your bike along with a description.

Im currently in the process of preparing a velospace entry for my bike. Here are some of the pics i took the other day.


alliemalley said...

I'm waiting for the film to be developed, then I'l get you those pics asap

haterNation said...

sweeeet. u should get some pics of ur bike for bike check

al9965 said...

just moved to boulder from Seattle, wanna do some riding.

Mister Pants said...

There used to be a Friday night meetup last summer. I was only able to attend once.

I'd love to get in on another weekly meetup. Anybody?

haterNation said...

hey everyone, im down to go riding fri night, or saturday day. ill email you two as well.

Also there is a race this sunday in denver me and my friends are attending