Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Group Rides

Hey yall, lets start Thursday night fixed gear rides. Here's why:
1. The cruiser ride sucks/You're over it
2. The cruiser ride is for cruisers (going slow)
3. The people on the cruiser rides are either a. elitist middle aged people or b. underage kids on dept. store mountain bikes
4. Loops is fun but its a pain in the ass to go to Denver all the time
5. We can do whatever we want depending on who's there, meaning we can bomb hills if we want, stop to stunt, drink beers, socialize, we can cruise the creek path, loop downtown, whatever. If we post the route online before the ride people can meet up with us whenever.
6. We can have our own after-parties wherever we want.
7. More of a "fixed gear community" will emerge?

Comment if you're down.


Mister Pants said...,-105.274944&spn=0.034249,0.072012&z=14

peterabbit said...

haha nice. only thing that might be better is baseline liquor instead of rose hill. shits expensive.

haterNation said...

im down

Mister Pants said...

I don't mind spending a few more pennies on my Pabst, but I can make an adjustment.

What time is good? 9?

haterNation said...

i think 9 will work

Mister Pants said...

Nooo! Shit, I thought we were postponing this bad boy. Missed the additional comment, which means I must've missed y'all too.

Oh well. Meet up next Thurs for serious.

YuKnoMe said...

I'm definitely down.