Friday, January 8, 2010

More Hold Fast-Type Straps

Adding to Dailey's Post from a couple days ago:
A quick search through the pedalconsumption archives yields a huge assortment of Hold Fast-type straps. As far as most of these are concerned, they are clear Hold Fast knockoffs. This is a mostly comprehensive list of what the market is like today.

Archie's Grobags Strap Ons
These look sort of like a hybrid between a powergrip and a HoldFast, made by a messenger bag company. Doesn't look too secure or comfortable but the outside looks strong enough to last if you scratch up the side of your pedal a lot.

Burro Bags Straps & Burro Billboard Straps

Another strap made by a messenger bag company. The billboard straps are made with recycled velcro.

Aurora Velcro Straps

These are sort of aimed toward people who want the security of foot straps but don't want to ride BMX pedals. The outside edge is basically exposed velcro.

iMiNUSD straps

These are available in limited quantities from the iMiNUSD bike shop in San Jose, thick and wide.

Huge Grips
I can't read Japanese so I don't know too much about them other than they look almost exactly like Hold Fast.

Brisbane Outdoor Strap Ons

Looks good, I'd imagine they probably feel like stiff double straps minus the cages, pretty easy to install as well. The outside edge looks vulnerable to wear but according the BO they "are constructed from a highly abrasion resistant TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which has industrial uses in inflatable boats and hovercraft bladders." A very unique design.

Phoenix Straps

Simple design, easy to install, seems pretty durable but the top strap doesn't seem very wide.

BLAQ platform straps
Not that wide on the top, kinda weak on the side, but... only $30.

ZLDA Straps

Similar in design to Burro, BLAQ & Phoenix.

Handworks Grips

Lookin' a lot like Hold Fast

PINZAT Power Strips

Similar to ZLDA, Burro, BLAQ & Phoenix. Made from recycled materials.

Resistant Pedal Straps

Made by a Japanese messenger bag company, looks very similar to Hold Fast.

Thats it for now, expect a post soon about the evolution of foot retention -- Cages & Straps, Powergrips, Feetbelts, Hold Fast, ?. I think its crazy that Hold Fast basically launched about 6 months ago and this many competitors in the "Foot Retention System" market have sprung up so quickly. Is this a good thing because it means that a lot of riders are getting into freestyle or a bad thing because Hold Fast isn't getting its due?


Piotr said...

take a look at those one. from Poland. my friend made them and it is for something about $20 Veganski Vegan Power Straps> and here Veganski

James said...

The Archies Growbags straps have been around for at least 2 years, well before Holdfast, they are meant to be a better take on the Powerstrap, rather than a fixed freestyle foot retention system

peterabbit said...

@James Thanks for the clarification. The blog post where I found these originally was from around August 2009 hence my erroneous categorizing of them with the rest of these.

haterNation said...

yo, not to start beef with hold fast, but they are definitely getting their dues. I mean they are always sold out, backed up till march 2010 is what i hear. So its not like everyone has jumped ship to another company.

If they could keep up with demand they would be selling alot more. As of right now they are the most well known FGFS toe strap, what more do they want ? to have everyone else that makes straps throw a thank you party for them ? If they did prolly would prolly organize it seeing as hes always got their back.

Garrison said...

seems like a lot of these straps popped up really quick... too quick
how do we know that hold fast was the "first" they just got the hype. just saying i love my hold fast but i think everyone gives em too much credit.

Anonymous said...

Before you go criticizing designs peterrabbit maybe you should actually test the products?
Holdfast definately weren't the first, and they won't be the last.
The main reason so many popped up at once is cos they're easy to make.
Also please don't compare mine to holdfast's either or imply they're copies, i first made straps almost 3 years ago...they owe far more to powergrips than holdfast too as they use a twist to tighten technique which i prefer over holdfast style 'push your foot in and not tighten'.
If you're gonna speak about a product at least have the knowledge to back up your opinions. Mine ARE both solid and comfortable, but you wouldn't know that as you've never used them.

Archie's Grobags.

Anonymous said...

every fuckin' graphic designer with a sewing machine wants in....let 'em have it or make your own