Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bikes of 2009

Maybe my second post here ever, but this should be a big one. 2009 was a busy year considering I had 13 different bikes built up at one point or another. If I learned anything from having all these bikes, it's that I need to take better pictures when they're built. Some pictures are just frames and it's only because I didn't take a picture of them actually built.

Felt Tk2. 54cm, 2005. My favorite track bike and the one I had the longest, which by my estimate was 6 months. Tight geometry, fit very aggressively, bottom line fastest fixed bike I've ever had. Had my favorite fixed wheels too, Miche low flange 36h to Mavic Open Pros. Sold to my brother in Maryland.

Jamis Sonik. 55cm, 2007. Picked it up cheap off of D.C.'s craigslist, top tube was too long to realistically ride and I sold it after building once. Probably would have hit sound barriers on the track.

Bianchi D.I.S.S.. 18in, 2005. First experience with single speed mountain bikes. Bought it from Mork who set it up legit all over. Would have had this for longer if it didn't get stolen, cut Ulock.

Redline Monocog. 16in, 2006. My single speed mountain bike comeback. Just wasn't nearly as nice a ride as the DISS so I got rid of it quickly. Parted most of it to friends.

Cannondale Track. 55cm, 1993. Part of the best Craiglist find to date. Second favorite track bike to the Felt and the Tk2 only wins because I don't like threaded headsets and quill set-ups. Super twitchy frame, very unique ride. Was eventually sold on eBay for a very nice profit.

Yamaguchi Pursuit. 57cm 1991. Another great Craigslist find that I originally bought with the intention to flip. Told myself I could fit, but it was an effective 57cm that was hidden by pursuit geometry. Eventually sold on eBay for a nice profit as well and view counter skyrocketed thanks to WMD and his post.

Tommaso Augusta. 54cm 2007. Bought frame for super cheap on eBay and was built with parts way to nice. 26ed the front for barspins. Frame always felt a little short in the top tube, but was definitely a beefy frame for stunting on.

Surly Steamroller. 56cm 2006. Great frame for just about anything. If I could, I would get a 53cm Steamroller in a heartbeat. 56's were just outside my comfort range.

Cervelo P2K. 53cm 2001. Very fast time trial bike that I never fully built up the way I wanted to, but was fun for the couple days it was used. Built with full Dura Ace.

Rossin. 54cm 1983. My first real road bike and was stunning to say the least. Built up with Nuovo Record mainly and a Croce d'Aune drivetrain. Very nice Columbus ride, but the possibility of my next build forced a sale.

On One Inbred. 17in 2005. The most fun I've had on a bike was on this Inbred riding trails. Built up with some of the nicest parts I've had on a bike and because of the Sibex Ti fork, was able to ride full rigid with little discomfort. Sold most of it because of the last bike on this list, but kept the fork.

Soma Rush. 53cm 2000. 1 inch version Rush. Fit very well and was a great all rounder, but again my last ride of 2009 forced a sale.

Litespeed Macalu 17in 1994. Litespeed built Titanium frame for Excel Sports in Boulder. Very plush full rigid when paired with the Sibex fork. XTR drivetrain, XT brakes and shifters, Mavic Crossmax SSC wheelset. Don't know the exact weight, but I would guess around ~20lbs. Found this for very cheap and may look at getting a slightly bigger Ti frame for 2010.

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