Monday, December 7, 2009

Toe Strap Lacing

I saw this picture on an ebay auction I was watching the other day and started wondering what the "right way," if there was one, to thread toe straps through a cage pedal was.
There is of course the traditional/intuitive method of threading the straps through all 4 slots.

Then theres the "twist" method people often use with single straps to keep them from slipping.

Heres how the great Mikashima (MKS) Pedal Manufacturing Corporation says to thread their α Keirin straps, which looks like the opposite of the threading in the first picture.

Theres many other ways of doing this. Heres how Mork threads his Kashimax dual sprint straps on his MKS Royal Nuevo Pedals.

And heres how I thread my Toshi double straps on my C-Record track pedals. This is mostly out of necessity, Toshi straps are way thicker than the slot in the pedals, I actually had to file down some of the suede to fit the strap in the slot. Luckily C-Record pedals have removable rear cages like MKS Royal and Custom Nuevos. If you've had trouble putting double straps on Sylvan pedals, the reason is most Keirin double straps are meant for pedals with removable cages.


haterNation said...

one thing id like to add, is that when you thread the doublizer piece, the second strap (one closer to the front of the pedal) is threaded under the toe clip.

haterNation said...

heres a pic of what im talking about.

Mile High Mark said...

A toe strap "button" also works well to keep the strap in place.