Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My bikes, 2009

I started off the year with my Pinarello, which I rode on the street and the track, and my Mercian, which I only rode on the track at the time.

The Mercian is pretty fierce on the track, it handles great at speed. It's kind of scary off it due to foot-in-the-spokes toe overlap though.

The Pinarello rode amazingly and it was probably the lightest bike I've ever owned, even built up for the street it was only about 16 lbs. Unfortunately somewhere along the line it cracked on the chainstay so I sold it and bought myself an NJS bike.

I never really like this bike that much, the geometry was kind of akward. Then it got damaged in a crash so I sold it and started riding the Mercian on the street.

Couldn't ride double trispokes and super deep Deda drops and zero float clipless pedals on the street so I changed the build gradually to a more classic one, eventually (hopefully) it will be all C-Record.
When my fwiend Devo moved to Seattle, I took this Spooky DJ bike off his hands.

Apparently these frames are highly coveted because they were made by a dude named Frank the Welder who doesn't make bikes anymore or something. To be perfectly honest, I haven't done any dirt jumping on it, but its a great snow bike.
Then in August I bought a beautiful old road bike from an old Boulder local/friend.

Its a well made frame, with thinned lugs and chrome accents everywhere, dressed in full Campy Super Record & Cinelli parts. I think its a 1981. I'd show you more pictures but he sold it with these hideous green tires that I want to change out before I take better pictures of it.
More recently, I've been dipping my toes into FGFS/700cmx. This is my Stuntin' bike.

Its a bareknuckle that I got for cheap off craigslist with a Fu Manchu trick fork on it. The barspin toe overlap is kind of ridiculous but for now I can deal with it.
Finally, an unfinished project that has been dragging on for months.

This is an old Quattro Assi road bike that was all damaged and shit that I got for free. My buddy Bama welded some gussets over the damaged tubes so maybe it'll hold together, who knows. It's trying to be a city bike/beer hauler but it needs a bottom bracket and some cables and maybe a Brooks saddle and the CETMA rack I ordered 3 months ago for it. Took about 6 hours and some serious dremel work to fit those velo orange fenders on it. Hopefully I'll have it all finished up soon enough to use it.
Thats it, as far as I can remember. Sorry for the poor image quality, but phone pictures are all I have left of some of these bikes. Wonder if 2010 will have more bikes in store for me.

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brittanybikes said...

I wish the PINARELLO didn't crack, that bike was sweet.