Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Colnago Mountain Bike?

Spotted this unusual/rare bike on eBay a few weeks back, a Colnago Master "Ibex."

You don't see the Italians messing with Mountain bikes, it was sort of an experimental market that they clearly lost to the Americans & Japanese. Kind of like Cinelli's experiment with BMX.

This bike is pretty amazing, you see elegant touches like this custom stem

Campagnolo 1060 dropouts

Colnago's own Arabesque style lugged seatpost collar.

Columbus-Gilco crimped tubing

Custom matching Selle-Colnago Saddle

Colnago Handlebars with Ernesto's Signature by the stem clamp

Only thing that seems off about this bike is the groupset, its Shimano. First thing I'd think of a Colnago mountain bike is that it'd be built with one of Campy's ultra-rare Mountain Bike gruppos, like Euclid, rather than Shimano XT.

Ernesto Colnago has been quoted as saying "I remember one time I was invited to a conference on production quality and quantity. There was a bunch of Japanese, and I told them they were only good at copying. One of them answered, 'Yes, that is true, but we copy to make better.' He introduced himself and it was Shimano himself! ... Today I use Shimano and Campagnolo on my bikes, 50 percent, according to the suitability. The average bike I have made in Taiwan, but I have that written on it, unlike a lot of others, and I use Shimano because it costs less."
Apparently no one thought it was worth the $2,200 that the seller was asking, it ended without a bid.

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