Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cinelli Laser Pursuit

Looks super smooth, I really dig that stem angle. Mike Kone has this to say about the Laser
"During the mid 1980's, Cinelli introduced the Laser. This frame had smooth sculpted filleted joints, although we've heard from folks who have seen these "naked" that there was often body filler used. But these bikes are extremely elegant and embody the 1980's esthetic that is so popular now. There were three versions of the Laser; road, track, and time trial. Really nice examples with Super Record or C-record often sell for around $4,000."
images via 333 meter, who apparently has a gaggle of what looks to be 5 different versions of the frame in question.

EDIT: found a picture of a Cinelli Laser Tandem Track, hot damn.

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Erasmo said...

Hello, i'm looking forward to' find one Cinelli laser to' buy. Do you have any to' sell? Can we talk about it through email or phone?
Thank you