Friday, October 31, 2008

VintagePista Rim Re-Stock !!! 40mm deep Gipiemme

So the folks over at have re-upped with a fresh stocking of their exclusive 40mm deep gipiemme rims !! They look really good, available in white, black, and unfinished. Like i said in this post dont mess around with hplusson they are City Wok. Even better is that they are less expensive 120 for a set plus shipping ! Wow what a steal.


peterabbit said...

i think im gonna buy this vivalo.
it might be an expensive build with the 110 rear spacing.
what do you think mork?

haterNation said...

i think its legit, i was just checking it out. Its a hella good deal. Also looks like it has oversized tubes. For 110 spacing you could either roll with dura ace or phil wood. I think you know where i stand on that decision. Phil wood axles will be alot easier to find, since they dont make the dura ace ones anymore.

bottom line go for it. what are you gonna do for grouppo ?

haterNation said...

btw that guy has a ton of used components you could get for cheap and bundle with shipping on the frame.

mooj said...

haterNation did you have a 650c spin tri spoke?