Thursday, October 23, 2008

H Plus Son rims - thoughts

So these H Plus Son rims have been floating around the net, and the big deal about them is that they are 42mm deep, thats 12 mils more than a deep v. First impressions were that they were sweet but i have reservations about their quality. I mean who is H Plus Son ? I have never heard of them until now. Ive read at a couple spots that these rims are soft, aka shitty. Also hard to build because the low quality produces inconsistent quality around the rim.

This might have something to do with the fact the nipples arent concealed, meaning that they are on the inner part of the rim, and exposed. But i think the major problem is the shitty quality, one friend told me that when he built one of these up no one at his shop could get it true.

This is in contrast to say the 40mm deep Tecnos 428 gipiemme rim that i have on my bike, which has concealed nipples. Intuition would tell me that this would build a stiffer wheel having the nipples closer to the outside of the rim, but the hplus has them at the inside. Also the h plus' weigh TWICE what my gipiemme does. But overall i dont think its a fair comparison because you cant find these rims anywhere (atleast not without a braking surface, takes orders for the same rim, but it has a painted over braking surface, 90 per). Btw, my rear wheel is ridiculously stiff and super strong. But the big problem with concealed nipples is they are alot harder to build, and you have take off the rim strip to true em.

bottom line: these rims are for show. Go with a velocity if your concerned about performance, and durability.

But if you really need to have a 4cm deep rim go with the gipiemmes over at vintage pista, i wrote a post on these things a while back.

Btw, fuk 650's, get a 26inch and run a 1 inch commuter tire. Way more durable, not to mention better tire choices.

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