Friday, October 17, 2008

Errebi Sprint double straps

For optimal foot retention, the ideal pedal setup should use MKS steel cages, and leather double straps. The best double straps are the Kashimax and the Errebi sprint. Toshi also makes double straps but ive heard from a few people they break easily. The issue with the kashimax, is that they nolonger come with a doublizer top piece, and are expensive. thats why the Errebi sprints are my double strap of choice.

They have them for 69.99 over at, which includes a matching doubler. I currently have them on my ocean, and they are amazing. They are very stiff which makes them easy to get into, but super grippy, and sometimes hard to get out of (this can be a good thing) . For 70$ its a good bargain considering you could spend that much buying 2 sets of single straps and 2 doublers.

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