Tuesday, October 14, 2008

San Marco Vintage - the return of the CONCOR !

San Marco Vintage - a project by San Marco to bring back, aka mass produce, their most popular vintage saddles. On their website they only list 3 models, Rolls, Regal, and the CONCOR. They arent really bringing back the Regal, cus you can still get them new here, and the rolls, same deal, (although they have some fancy new leather finishes for both).

The Concor is by far the biggest deal out of the 3, its classic styling, comfort, and rarity makes it highly sought after. Yea you could get a San Marco Concor LIGHT new, but they look like garbage.

Concor's were one of the most popular saddles for racing pro's in the 80's, along with Selle Italia Tubo's.

I found this interesting eBay guide about vintage bicycle saddles while trolling around today, and this ghetto website with a ton of different styled bicycle saddles from various era's in history. For example this Selle Italia Launchpad that was immediately banned by the UCI after its use in the TDF (1991).

Those are some bizarre looking handlebars, but sweet looking wheels !

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1992 luc leblanc
corima manta