Monday, February 1, 2010

Mosaic Cycles

So we talk alot about italian and japanese builders who make great frames, but here in boulder we are lucky to have some really quality builders. Today im gonna talk about Mosaic Cycles. Started by Aaron Barcheck and Nick Phillips in 2009.

I was over at their shop the other day dropping off The Ocean to get a tube replaced, and he was kind enough to show me some of his recent work. I should have taken some pics, he had some seriously sweet Ti frames. Aaron says that his specialty is TIG welding, but his lug work was impeccable. He was showing me a road frame made from Stainless steel, lugged everything, it had a sweet aero seatstay with hand carved lugs.

Everything he was doing was of the highest quality, best tubes, best lugs, and best paint (spectrum). Right now he is extremely busy getting ready for the NAHBS, and I cant wait to see what hes got in store for the show. So when you peeping the NAHBS coverage keep your eye out for Mosaic Cycles.

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