Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NAHBS 2010

If you live anywhere near the east coast, you are probably familiar with and are probably going to the North American Handjob Show this weekend. Framebuilders from around the country and the world are going to be there showing off their goods. Colorado seems to be well represented, with Mosiac, Black Sheep, Moots, Yipsan, and maybe a couple others going, but it seems like some of the more well known Colorado builders like Nobilette, Rene Herse, Zinn, Yamaguchi, and Gangl are absent.
Heres a few previews I dig that I saw on the NABHS website.

Villin Track

Crispy textured stainless steel lugs.

Phil Wood 40th Anniversary x Independent Fabrications Track Bike

Phil Wood stamped all over the damn thing.

Bishop Cycles Track

Not chrome, polished stainless steel

Zullo Maxsilenus

Hopefully made of Columbus MAX. I looked into getting a Zullo frame once, not cheap.

Anyways, if you're out east this weekend, be sure to stop by. For the rest of us, lets jut hope that the Rocky Mountain Handbuilt Bicycle Show gets this big someday.

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