Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hella Rare Campy Pista Cranks

Thought I scored some pretty rare shit when I copped these 151bcd Nuovo Record Pista cranks awhile back. I was under the impression that besides Campy skip tooth cranksets and rare early parts, 151 NR Pista were among the rarest.

Then I spotted these the other day, Campagnolo track cranks that are drilled to accept both 144 & 151bcd chainrings.

I'm guessing these were made when Campagnolo was switching over to 144bcd from 151 and were unsure of which standard would stick?
I thought those were pretty rare, and then I saw something I'd never even heard of in Prolly's Flickr.

Non-fluted Super Record Pista cranks with the Campy Shield on them. I guess these were sitting in some dark dungeon in the back Ben's Cycle and Prolly snapped a pic when he went to visit. Hot Damn.

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