Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kinda old, but still funny

When Shit Becomes Too Much of a Scene

Jane: So how do you like living in Greenpoint?

Toby: I dunno, I used to like it, but now it’s just too much of a scene.

Jane: Oh, I get that. I just moved here and I can already totally appreciate that. I’m thinking of getting a bike soon. Seems like a good thing to have around here.

Toby: Oh, I was thinking of getting a bike, too. But then there’s all those bike kids around all the time, like, talking about vintage frames and shit. It’s just become too much of a scene.

Jane: Oh, well. I just thought it would be easier than taking the bus, but I can see what you mean. Do you go to a lot of shows around here? Where’s good to go?

Toby: I used to go to shows more, but then it started to seem like people were going to concerts to be cool, not because they actually like the band. It’s too much of a fucking scene.

Jane: Oh, OK. I get that. I feel like that at shows sometimes. But, you know, I like seeing bands live sometimes… So what do you do for fun?

Toby: I mostly just spend a lot of time by myself…

Jane: Ah.

Toby: But that whole loner thing is starting to become too much a scene.

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