Sunday, February 28, 2010

Denver Craigslist Asshole, pt 2

It seems that the asshole who sells shit from his bike shop on Denver Craigslist has slipped up and revealed his shop, Fly Bike Shop:
"the largest fixed gear dealer in Colorado"



Nick Cecchi said...

if you contact J&B bike wholesalers and QBC (quality bicycle parts) and let them know he's selling stuff online, they will refuse him as a customer. You could probably even find the Tax ID for "fly bike shop" and the IP adress and get him banned from Craigslist, EBay, and anywhere else he's selling that stuff.

Nick Cecchi said...

i just looked at his "website" - I'm sure if you let Surly, Bianchi, Avanti, Campy, etc know that their stuff is being trafficked through this "shop" they would figure out where and how and cut him off. I can't picture surly condoning this for some reason.

and i really hate to be the one to tell you, but I bet those Origin8 wheels that are pictured are the exact same hoops that such and such Taiwanese factory produces for Velocity, only re-branded and laced with shitty spokes to shitty hubs. That's just how cycling industry works.

daileydarko said...

except the part where velocity wheels are made in brisbane, australia, not taiwan?

Broox Pulford said...

Haha... that's really funny. I've seen this guys stuff on ebay and craigslist for a while now. His name is Lee, and his shop "Fly Bike Shop" is located on 6th and Downing in Denver. He used to have a partner with whom he worked alongside in a larger location in Arvada. Over time their Arvada "warehouse" closed and they have slimmed down to their shop on 6th Ave. (According to Lee.)

I haven't seen anything of theirs on ebay for sometime now... ever since I heard that the Arvada location had closed. I think that those larger distributers (J&b, & QBC) had discovered what he was doing on ebay a while back, which forced the spot in Arvada to close down.