Thursday, February 4, 2010

Soo who thinks this is ridic ?

In response to our flying gate post we got this comment from the alleged owner of the frame we linked to in the post.

I WILL CONTACT YAHOO-COPYRIGHT AND HAVE ACTION TAKEN AGAINST YOU.?" (sorry for the double, font colors require i do it for people on rss readers)

Ok let me say first off, we took these photos from his EBAY AUCTION.

Is he tripping ? or are we in the wrong, honestly I think hes out of line and that he should be happy we are sending traffic to his flickr page, which by the way has a grip of sick bikes.

Whatya think?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I have deleted the collection of bikes because personally I'm a little tired of people stealing my photos and adding them to their blogs. I don't need you or anyone else sending traffic my way as I don't really care how much traffic the site generates. They are my pictures and for a few people to see them if they like. I don't post other peoples bikes and other people like yourself should post your own collection.... if you have one. So many people have taken my pictures and added them to their sites to pretend they are their bikes. I worked very hard over 30 years and invested a huge amount of money in the collection, not to have people take the photos without even asking. You actually mean you couldn't have the common courtesy to ask if you could use my pictures. Unbelievable!!
I'm so disappointed in Boulder Fixed Gear..
Please don't feel you are doing me a favor by sending traffic my way, I don't need it....really! Please post your own collection as that is what I would like to see, not my own on everyone else's sites.

haterNation said...

do you even read our blog? all the contributors on our site did a post about the bikes we owned in 2009. You put the flying gate on ebay, we thought it was sick, and we dont need to ask you if we can post pictures from an ebay auction, its public domain.

If we took stuff from your flickr without asking thats one thing but you were on EBAY.

If other ppl took stuff from your collection on flickr without crediting or asking then thats fucked up, ebay is totally different.

If you only want a few ppl to see your stuff you could probably add some permissions to the pictures or have used another type of website that only allows authorized users to see stuff.

I think your scapegoating us for misdeeds by other websites.

Clearly there is a misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

It's the digital age... Sharing is encouraged. There are cases when taking someones image and using it to create your own flood of traffic and in a sense stealing traffic is wrong or if the picture is one that is sold. This is neither the case. If you don't want your information shared then simply don't post it. Put your words in a diary in your bedroom and photos in an album, that way no one can take them.

As a web site owner myself I usually try to give credit to the owner.

Anonymous said...

yeah dude, we don't have a fixed gear collection worth thousands...are you upset because fixed gears are growing in popularity among the younger generation but you've been in the scene for longer than we've been alive? do you feel the scene is kind of taking something that was once yours? do u want to stay an elitist hobbit in your wood paneled 70's fixed gear display room? or do you want to embrace the change-not fear it-and share your collection with a younger generation who truly is interested in what you have accomplished over the past 30 or so years? (also man, you keep contradicting say you don't want us to look at your flickr, but you want us to post our own collection so you can take a peep. figure out your battle and THEN fight it if you need to.)

Anonymous said...

This dude is redic...

Scooter said...

I understand your concerns and will apologize on behalf of Boulder Fixed Gear.

peterabbit said...

Hello, I'm the author of the original post.
I've been busy doing labwork for the past day and haven't seen this mess until now. I apologize for not asking your permission for the photos, usually a linkback is considered adequate and I didn't realize this was not case here. I deleted the original post and am sorry that my one of my co-contributors attacked your comments and created a new post. As for the comments regarding the inadequacy of my bike collection thats kind of a low blow. I'd like to think that my Super Record Colnago Superissimo and my C-record Mercian track bike are pretty nice but your bikes clearly blow these out of the water. When I graduate with my chemical engineering degree I'll hopefully make enough money to someday expand my collection to rival yours. Have a good day, sorry for the trouble, and enjoy your bikes, they are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scooter and Peterabbit.
I'm happy to see that you guys understand my concerns. It is greatly appreciated. You're true gentleman by your comments.

It's too bad I deleted almost 99 percent of the collection from my site. There was some really interesting bikes to be seen.
Maybe I'll gradually post some more pics soon only because I see that there are really good guys out there who are man enough to step up and apologize.

As for the other people out there, just keep your stupid comments to youselves. Seriously.....just listen to Scooter and Peterabbit and you can learn something.