Monday, February 22, 2010

Volume Thrasher

If any of you follow fixed-freestyle blogs or forums you have probably heard about the Volume Thrasher.
The Thrasher is Volumes new prototype trick frame which will probably replace their current trick frame, the Cutter. If you own a Cutter, you are probably pissed off by the fact that a new generation comes out every couple months, its currently in generation 5. You could say that Volume fixed frames have a pretty short "product life cycle."

Anyways, back to the Trasher. It looks like the Trasher is slated to be the end-all trick frame from Volume. The frame is being tested by riders Fonseca, Puckett, Mosher and Congo, some of the big names in fixed freestyle right now. Some of the major differences between this and the cutter:
More tire clearance - fatter tires, go bigger
Seat tube cutout for a shorter wheelbase - better wheelies
Mid bottom bracket - stronger
Longer top tube - no barspin toe overlap

I think this is super big, and other companies will probably soon follow suit. Not only does this allow for more spins to be thrown in combos, it nullifies some of the previous arguments about toe overlap with 650/26" vs 700c front wheels in FGFS. So we'll probably see fewer and fewer 26" front wheels used for tricks in the future.

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