Friday, February 5, 2010

Alleycat in D-town Next Friday

The Track Shack, Denver's favorite track bike shop, is hosting an alleycat next Friday. The Specifics:

We're gonna have one. A classic alleycat. Come to the Track Shack on February 12th at 5 o'clock post meridien, hand me 5 dollars, and you'll receive a manifest (list) with checkpoints (addresses) on it. You may complete these checkpoints in any order you wish. The first person to complete all of the checkpoints and make it back to the Shack will get all of the entry money. Everyone else won't get a goddamn thing. More racers, more money. If you're faster than everyone you know, tell your friends to come, and try to take their money. Afterwards, maybe we'll barbeque?

I know I'll be there. Lets hope it isn't snowing.

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