Friday, February 5, 2010

John Breaux Lives On

John Breaux is a cyclist who was hit and killed last year in Louisville. The woman who killed him was sentenced to 16 years of probation, 200 hours of community service, and is not allowed to drive anymore. Since I've been hit multiple times I don't want to digress into a rant about drivers who kill cyclists, but I will say this is a great example of why senior citizens shouldn't be allowed to drive.

More importantly, the city of Louisville loved this man so much that they erected a bronze statue of him downtown.

photo by Doug Grinbergs

I think this is amazing, and am going to take a ride out this weekend to check it out. If anyone would like to come along, hit me up.

More John Breaux coverage from the Daily Camera


Anonymous said...


great example though

Ross said...

Peter man that's a pretty naive comment about senior citizens...just saying. I followed the john breaux story in the daily camera. I know several people who knew him and its a tragic story. But nonetheless surely you don't think you can just take away someone's license due to age?

peterabbit said...

I was kinda just taking the opportunity to throw in a South Park link.
But no, I just think Senior Citizens should have to take driving tests to see if they are fit to be on the road, especially in a place like Boulder which has a lot of cyclists sharing the road with cars.

alliemalley said...

The statue itself looks really nice

Ross said...

ah i dont watch south park...but i agree it would be nice if they had to take a test.