Saturday, October 3, 2009

Track Shack 1st Year Anniversary recap

Last Sunday was the Track Shack's one year anniversary party.
There was an alleycat (with some annoying checkpoints - PBR chug atop Denver's only hill!?)

Boulder's own Peter getting a manifest signed by Track Shack proprietor Curtis Wallach

Everyones favorite bike & beer game, PBR Pickup

Boulders own Adam Mork "going dumb" with some PBR cans

A best trick competition

Boulders own Adam Mork somehow managing to get a Cane Creek Headset to spin around

Sam Turner, proprietor of the Track Shack, demonstrating a "superman"

And of course, crowd favorite, Footdown

Alleycat Winner: Riley
PBR Pickup: Tyler
Best Trick: Brad
Footdown: Galen "Big Bear"

Boulder Results.
Alleycat 2nd Peter
PBR Pickup 2nd Mork
Trick 2nd Mork

Thanks and Congrats to Curt and Sam for making it through year 1 and putting on an awesome event.
photos via Lenny Maiorani

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