Friday, March 19, 2010

Cycling in the Media Lately

Story #1: Boulder transportation official: Cyclists should have to dismount at crosswalks

Summary: If you live in Boulder, you probably know that you can cross a street in a crosswalk as long as you are going the pace of a pedestrian. Recently, Boulder Transportation Officials have been discussing changing the "bicycle in crosswalks" law to make cyclists dismount their bikes at a crosswalk. Some people think this is a good thing, some think this is a bad thing. The Daily Camera Online already has about 250 comments on the subject so be sure to read the full story and throw in your opinion if you feel like it.

My thoughts: Probably a good thing, at least in some parts of town. 16th and Broadway is a shitshow of pedestrians, RTD buses, cars, longboarders, and cyclists from 3-6 every day and maybe making everyone dismount their bike would clear up some of the pandemonium.
Also, as far as the pedestrian crossings along Broadway and along Canyon, making someone walk across them rather than letting them ride could prevent more inattentive drivers from hitting people and/or other drivers. I know at least one person who has inadvertently caused an accident by biking across a pedestrian crossing on Broadway.

BUTTTTTTTTTT If the city is going to wage war on cyclists they must also wage war on the real menace, longboarders.

Story #2: Tony Kornheiser vs. Lance Amstrong

Yesterday some nobody-sportscaster made comments on his radio show encouraging motorists to run cyclists of the road. You can listen to audio of his show on this YouTube video. Its basically a conversation between a few bike hating idiots talking nonsense about the cars superiority over the bike. Well, lucky for us cyclists, celebrity Lance Armstrong used his massive twitter following to turn millions of cyclists against this guy.

Lance went on this guys show and made him apologize etc and the world is all better now.
That YouTube video also has hundreds of comments so if you feel angry or whatever about the situation go share your thoughts with the YouTube masses.

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Not my fault good looks and dope whip stop cars on dimes.