Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey all you polo fans

Hardcourt bike polo is coming to Boulder.

The first meetup is on April 11 2010 2pm at Foothills Community Park at the Roller Hockey Rinks

hardcourt bike polo is coming to boulder, co. on 4/11/10, we are organizing folks to come up from denver (Denver Mallet Mafia) and perhaps a few people from colorado springs (Peak Region Polo) to give boulder a taste of what hardcourt bicycle polo is all about. we will provide mallets and objects to strike so just bring a bike that you won’t be losing sleep over should a stray mallet/ball/foot try and occupy the same bit of space-time.
see you on the courts!


I want to go check this out but I'll be racing Boulder-Roubaix on the 11th. I'll have to wait for the next meetup.

Hope this gets going, and if you're worried about ruining your nice bike, just pick up a new "fixed speed" at Walmart for $150 beforehand.

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daileydarko said...

great find....i just ordered my new bike!