Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More! Local Cycling Related New Stories

Concern that Boulder-donated bikes ended up in Africa prompts new deal

Summary: Boulder Police were concerned that Community Cycles was sending bikes that the Police impound had donated off to Africa so they halted donations. Community Cycles response was to take the "Bikes to Africa" page off their website, release a statement saying they don't send them out anymore and are working on a formal deal to re-start the flow of donated bikes.

CU-Boulder Police watching the wrong stop sign

Summary: Boulder Police are ticketing cyclists who blow the stop sign at Colorado & Libby Drive, when really they should be ticketing drivers who don't use their turn signal at the roundabout and people blowing the stop sign out of Libby drive.

and one of the best local news stories evar:
Longmont cyclist sues dog owner whose pet ran into his wheel

Summary: A dog ran into a guys bike and caused him some serious injuries and grief. The dog was is King Charles Spaniel, a breed known to chase moving things. The article suggests the dog is still alive so I doubt it could have cause too much trouble. Well, just as fast as that dog chased his bike, a lawyer chased Mr. Abbhul's ambulance and he is now suing the dog owner for negligence (not having an effective latch on the gate). I don't know who to side with here; I don't particularly like small dogs or crashing my bike, but something tells me that the "latch" defense isn't going to win this one.
I hope Mr. Abbhul gets well and back on his bike again soon, I hope that the dog's owner will install a functioning latch on her gate, and I hope that nobody gets too embarrassed in the shitshow that will surely surround this ridiculous lawsuit.

Don't take this story too lightly. A bike-dog collision took Marcus Burghardt out of the 2007 Tour de France. But Sandy Casar hit a dog later in the same Tour and went on the win the stage.

Also, since all of these are Daily Camera articles involving bikes, there are hundred of ridiculous comments.
Be sure to read them and laugh, but be sure NEVER post one unless you want to be accused of being a hippy/nazi/elitist/ignorant/homophobic/dog loving/dog hating/asshole biker/Republican NRA member.

EDIT: Just spotted an interesting device designed to keep dogs from chasing bikes at Dave Moulton's Bike Blog.

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