Thursday, March 4, 2010

NJS Ridiculousness

Used keirin frames can sell for top dollar on eBay and the internet at large. At least if they're in good condition, that is no rust, no dings, no dents, no stripped threads, no bent forks, the frame is aligned, decent paint, etc. NJS Export prices a "near mint" frame at around $1800

and a fucked up frame for about $300.

So I was dismayed when I saw this super fucked up Nagasawa on eBay with a current bid of $540. The head tube looks like its about to fall off and the top tube looks like someone took an axe to it.

The sellers description:
here is your chance to win a used classic NJS stamped keirin nagasawa track frame, it's been used on Japanese track race in the 80s-90s. everything still in good conditions. just a slightly toptube dent it can be covered with top tube protector. run smooth and fast.

*original hatta headset, fork and bb are included.

seattube: 54cm
toptube: 55cm
downtube: 60cm
drop out: 120

few there and here paint chips, a track race toptube dent. over all in good condition

Sketchy, but the seller calls himself "bootlegs" and has pretty bad feedback. You just have to feel bad for the idiot who is bidding that thing up.

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haterNation said...

thats fuking retarted, i thought everyone was over the whole njs thing, cus when i check ebay most njs frames dont go above 700 (in good condition)

maybe its the seller fluffing up the bids.