Monday, March 15, 2010

Baphomet Cycles

My good friend/Surly Sponsored BAMF/Broke Ass Messenger Bama just started a clothing company, Baphomet Cycles.

Baphomet Cycles is making affordable riding gear that can take the abuse that messengers dish out -- "industrial grade cycling apparel for mopes like you."
I know several messengers around town are testing the gear out and its holding up fine to fully loaded shoulder bags, crashes in icy weather, run ins with cars and dodging aerosol wielding homeless guys.

Baphomet is more workwear than high fashion, heres some pictures of the first batch of products.

The Hellmet Hoodie

The Hellmet hoodie is perfect for cold weather riding (like we do in Colorado). Thick material keeps you warm and Velcro on the hood keeps the hood stuck to your helmet. Shoulder reinforcement pad available on request.

Pantagram and Pantagram+

Pantagram knickers feature a pen/marker pocket, are short enough to keep your chain off your leg, are long enough to keep your knees warm, and are super tough.
Also, they are approximately 1/10 the cost of Chrome Knicks.

For 10 extra dollars you get the Pantagram+, which are the same as the Pantagram but are lined with fleece to keep you comfy on cold days.

Action Shots

All photos by Keegan Rowley & Josh McGuckin

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G-Rad said...

how much for a pair of knickerbockers?