Wednesday, November 11, 2009

White 26" (MTB) 1 3/8" tires on ebay

Got these in the mail, they DO NOT FIT normal 26" mtb rims. 26x1 3/8 means something totally different. The diameter is 590 which is way to big for a mtb rim. I looked around on ebay, and i couldnt find a real white 26" mtb tire. So if you find one let me know ill buy it up in a heartbeat.

So as you SHOULD know Vittoria randoneur tires are the shit, and they make them in white. Only bummer is if you are running a 26" front there is no way to have a matching tires. Not anymore, i found these white 26" tires on ebay. I ordered myself a set, which should arrive any day now. Im not quite sure how legit there gonna be, but when i get them ill put up some more detailed pics. 9.99 for the set is a great deal so why not ?

I also found these guys, they loook exactly the same, but the guy wants 65$ bones for em, not quite sure why, i asked him for more pics of the tread and be basically told me that is "commuter tread". my guess is its just the same chen shing's and hes just trying to rip people off.

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