Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Colnago Historical Colors Archive

Colnago has always been known for their killer paint jobs. Although Bike Snob would have you think that Colnago is "the maestro of mutilation", and ill agree some of the color combos are kinda odd, but for the most part they are pretty sweet.

The other day i was lusting over the Colnago Master X-Light road frames. I noticed they only had a few colors on their site, so i did some trolling and found the "Colnago Historical Colors Archive". Its a goldmine for colnago paint jobs. Here is the link to the Master X-Light paint jobs. and my favorite:

heres a few more:

Although these color schemes arent on the official colnago website, im pretty sure it could be ordered if you happened to have a boatload of cash to buy the frame in the first place. Ohh btw, they make the Master X-Light in a track version.

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peterabbit said...

what about the arrows and polka dots son,