Monday, November 16, 2009

A horse with no name

Have you seen this frame?

EAI sells it as the Bareknuckle

Now its a TOYO Godzilla

Business Cycles sells it as the Nessuno

And it looks a lot like the GOrilla Zengang
I guess theres some differences. The Bareknuckle/Nessuno is made of Dedacciai COM 12.5 tubing, the TOYO Godzilla of Kasei 022, and the Zengang of Columbus ZONA. The other noticeable difference is that weird headtube reinforcements & dropouts on the Godzilla and the seatpost clamp on the Zengang. I still wouldn't be surprised if they all came out of the same frame shop somewhere in Italy. Does anyone know where these frames are actually made?

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