Friday, May 7, 2010

The Mythical Thursday Night Fixed Gear Ride

A long time ago, in a land not too far from my "place" a group of youngsters used to mob up and ride bikes. Oh the times they had, evading the law, frequenting parks and hollering at people at Pearl Street on any given Thursday.

But then, tragically, they disappeared. Rides became limited at first to only a few individuals, often riding directly to do some loops, then breaking apart to go their separate ways, riding into the dark alone. The ride was falling apart.

We lost our way. With the onset of school, for most, and jobs, for all, the rides were overlooked, shoved under the rug, put on the back burners. What we need the most, the freedom, the release was left unaccounted for.

Then came the discrepancy between our riders. FGFS or not. Stunt? As groups of kids began to dabble in the newest craze, the few rides that came together became segregated by style. Stunting was no fun for Tri-Spoke enthusiasts and who was to blame them.

In the past year the Revival Premier showed just how many kids there were out there that loved to ride bikes. We shared a night of reflection on just how far we had come, and how much there still was to learn and experience.

So, I propose to you now. Begin again. Bring your bikes (whatever style), enthusiasm, and youth and come ride again as we once did. Stay updated as our rides will be posted here as they are decided upon.

As always-Ride Your Bike...HARD


Krystin Norman said...

YES! This is a great post Dailey.
Won't be back in Boulder until August, but I will definitely go on as many Thursday Night Fixed Gear rides as possible next semester, especially now that evil organic chem exams will not consume my Thursday evenings.
Also, I wanna make a short movie of riding/stunting/everything footage!

Anonymous said...
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