Monday, April 5, 2010

Shimano Has Lost Their Mind

I was browsing the website for the popular mail order bike shop Excel Sports earlier today and happened across this $129 chain.

Yumeya stands for 'dream shop' in Japanese. Meaning a place where the best Shimano components receive the ultimate upgrades to make the best even better.

The 7900 Yumeya is the most advanced chain Shimano produces. Asymmetrical profiled outer links are connected with Titanium-nitride coated inner links for added durability. Almost 20% more stretch resistant. Best chain Shimano makes for 10 speed drivetrains.


Increased oil retention
Hollow pins
Asymmetrical outer links
Made in Japan
261 grams actual weight

This is the new Dura-Ace: Yumeya

Presumably Yumeya is Shimano's Marketing Department's answer to the re-introduced Campagnolo Super Record, but this is ridiculous, $130 for a chain? Even the new Record 11 speed chains retail for $90 (though they require a $200 tool to install). The thing that appeals most to roadies is "grams," this chain weighs 261 grams. High tech? The chain on my 30 year old Colnago weighs in at a modest 240 grams.

And if just a chain doesn't satisfy your compulsive upgrading, the Shimano Dura Ace Yumeya 7900 5-piece Kit surely will

The 5-piece kit replaces steel hardware with premium gold-anodized titanium hardware, includes a titanium nitride chain and derailleur housing made with aluminum instead of steel. In addition to a dose of exotics looks, the kit saves 30 grams. The chain features Titanium Nitride plated inner links that increase durability and resistance to stretch 18% while also allowing increased oil retention.

Kit includes

Rear derailleur bolt
Titanium nitride chain
4 machined brake shoe holders
Aluminum hybrid shift cable housing
9 Titanium bolts for derailleurs, crank, and brake shoes
List Price:$549.95

At first I thought maybe Excel misplaced a decimal but they're for real. $549.95 for 30g weight savings and some gold bolts.

I thought upgrading bikes with TI bolts was a 90's thing, but I can't be sure since I didn't cycle in the 90's. What I do know is that TI bolt superstore SRP sells a $150 TI/Al bolt kit that reportedly lightens your bike by up to 150 grams.

I wonder if Shimano Yumeya will go the way of Ultegra SL.


haterNation said...

ya this yumeya stuff is retarded, it originally came out as a limited edition of the xtr group. Its no suprise that all that stuff is on excels clearance list.

侯淑真 said...