Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peter Cook finishes 15th at 09 NACCC's !!

Congratulations to Peter Cook (@peter_abbit) for his awesome 15th place finish at NACCC's. Representing for boulder !

One thing to note is that the server crashed when peter was trying to get his 5th manifest which by his estimate wasted atleast 20 minutes of his time. Had that not happened he would have finished in even better position.

Despite that setback 15th place is an excellent showing. He also managed to scoop up 130 bucks in prize money. the cash column is the amount of imaginary "money" racers made from each delivery.

REMINDER: This thursday meet at the Buffalo near folsom field for the thursday night ride. Peter will be there to sign autographs.

UPDATE: We will be riding at 8pm sharp, after the ride we are all going to bloody beetroots and simian mobile disco in denver.

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Anonymous said...

Not related to this post, but I couldn't figure out a better place to post this...

I just had the rear wheel assembly stolen off my bike last night while it was locked next to my front door.
If you could keep an eye out for my stuff I'd really appreciate it. Here are the specs:

700x23c Velocity Wheel (A little dinged up)
IRO Flip-flop Hub (Mashed threads on the freewheel side)
Continental (Sport?) Tire (Newish)
Soma cog and lock ring (Lots of ware)

And some peculiarities:

The tube stem has no cap but two nuts which is kind of silly but identifiable
The axle nuts' outer diameter is 17mm which is pretty strange for a track setup
3 of the spoke nipples and the cartridge bearings have been recently replaced